Mobile Legends Bestie

Yes, I'm also playing mobile legends.  I've been spending my whole night 'till 3 Am or 'till I fell asleep playing that game. It's basically just an RPG but without the story and stuff. If you know DOTA then you'll get this. Last last night, Jirah and I played together (we're spending our night just... Continue Reading →

Random roadtrips

     Last night my oldest sister asked my father if he can fetch her, so my father immediately got up and get his keys.  My sister is from the Philippine Normal University because she just finished taking up her examination for her Masters degree in education.    It becomes a routine whenever my sisters... Continue Reading →

Who am I

Good day everyone! Hope you're all doing great! As you can see I have changed and customized my site. Go and check it out! Now is the time where you will know my name... *drum roll * Tada! So there you go. I am Elline Andreana Reyes. That's my real name. But you can call me... Continue Reading →

Late night thoughts 

                I can't remember the last time that I have slept on time. Because I always feel sleepy after noon and then I would wake up for about 7 or 8 in the evening. And when I try sleep at ten or earlier my mind just can't stop... Continue Reading →

My Summer to-do List

I decided to make my own summer to-do list for my family hasn't gotten any plans yet. Because most of them has to go yo work and my other sister is still going to school. It's saddening but I know we can just reschedule our vacation. So I came up with the things that I... Continue Reading →

In between Easter Triduum

  I have talked about what is the easter triduum on my last post so,  you can go and check it out Here.       On April 13, Thursday all the Girl koas will be sleeping at rhaina's house. Because we are expecting to be at the church at 3 in the morning. After the mass... Continue Reading →

Holy week Updates 

   So,  the holy week had just passed and I want to share my experience with you.         Last Sunday we had a recollection to help us prepare for the coming holy week. (I was supposed to post something on sunday but I can't find the time 'cause I've been at the church... Continue Reading →

The blue Sky Tag

  I have been nominated by Jirah Merizz to do The Blue Sky Tag. Thank you for this nomination! This one's kinda tricky but Fun! Rules : Thank the person who nominated you Answer their 11 questions Tag 11 people Give them 11 questions to answer.   These are my answer to her questions: What is that... Continue Reading →

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