I know that everything can happen in a day. I just didn’t expect this. 

  So,  basically this doesn’t happen on Dec 25th but we still feel festive and we are still giving gifts so for us it’s still Christmas. 

     My cousin Era came to our house on Dec 28th and we played with her.  And then she found the stress ball on top of a big vase. She got it and played with it. Then she came to me while pressibg the ball on her cheeks and then I mimicked her.  And I didn’t expect what she’d said. 

    I was lying on the couch when she came to me. And then I played with her with the ball. Then out of nowhere she said that “something came out.” and I was like “where?” then she points beside me. (She was beside me at my left and points to my right) 

I said that there’s nothing there.  And keep on asking where’s the thing that came out. Then she said “someone’s poking you.” 

what?  There’s nothing here.  I didn’t feel anything.” i said.

Then she demonstrate how that thing pokes me.  She came to my right and put her finger on my right arm. And said “like this. ” Then came back to my left and points to the next couch and told me to sit there and she say it again. And I  just said “No,  God loves me. “ and I hesitated to sit on the other couch but I did sit there. HAHA!  Then she continued to play. 

   Before I got up I said to her “If you’re seeing something just don’t tell us. Ok? ” but she didn’t care ‘coz she was reaching for the jar of lollipop on top of the cabinet. 

So that’s it. I just can’t get it out of my head. It did scare me.

P. S   I asked her again and she says that it’s a boy and she says the word “down”. And my cousin’s a three year old girl. 

Have you also experienced this on special occasions?  Just comment down below and let me know what you think. 


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