When I was younger I have thought about starting to write everything down on a journal but I don’t know why I’m not consistent on doing so. 

     This year I decided to write again because I don’t know why but I keep on missing something. Like I just came in a world full of something I don’t know. Like I’m a baby who’s completely oblivious on what’s going on. 

    My friend Elohcin would talk to me about something that she noticed and in my mind I was like “whuuut?  I don’t know what you’re talking about.” but on the outside I’m just like “yeah I know. That’s weird.” 

Because normally I understand everything she says and everything I see. I notice everything even the slightest details about something that’s why i decided to write a journal to keep on remembering. And this helps me to interpret things right. Fortunately it’s working and I’m continuing on doing it.

    Have you experienced being on the moment then suddenly you’re just not with it?  Do you have journals too?  What made you write down?  Let me know if you have just write them on the comments below. 



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