Obviously none of you know anything about me so here are some facts about me!  Enjoy!

1. I wanna stay anonymous.

As you can see my name here is a screen name. But,  I’ll tell you my name when the right time comes. But you can guess my name by these hints: I don’t have a nickname and my name’s unique.

2. I’m already 16 years old.

Currently I’m a Junior and about to move up. I have already passed on the  Institute where I am going to study for my Senior but I keep on studying because I want to be a scholar. (We have to save money)  HAHAHA! So,  good luck to me.

3. I’m from the Philippines!

I love my country so much.  I would  like to go anywhere here before I could travel around the world. I have already climbed up on mountain with my family and hoping to do it again. There are so many things to see here. You should come and visit!

4. I’m a night owl. Or not.

Because literally it feels like I never sleep. As I can remember 12 midnight is the earliest time for me to sleep and I don’t know why but I really can’t sleep. Then I automatically wake up at 5 am. And there’s a time when I literally didn’t sleep just because I can’t. Then the next day I’m still full of energy. So I don’t know if I’m a night owl or not. I think I’m a combination of night owl and an early bird. Maybe I’m a robot  Haha!

5. I’m kinda geek and nerdy.

When I was younger I like to read books especially encyclopedia. The one with 1000 question with answers. I’m still checking it whenever I get confused about something. I’m happy because my memory is good.And sometimes when I make a joke it’s so deep that my friends don’t get it and just like “Never mind.” I like learning new things and I like questioning a lot. I’m too sceptic about everything.

6. I can play instruments.

I play ukelele, keyboard, clarinet and guitar. My cousin taught me how to play clarinet because He is on a marching band and at first I got a hard time blowing because I’m not familiar with it but I get the hang of it. I taught myself how to play the other instruments but I’m not that good at it. My sisters and I like to cover some songs. Yey!

7. I have a bad aura.

I don’t know why but I noticed that there’s always something bad happens whenever I get to hangout with someone. Like I’m carrying a bad vibe with me.

8. I like having fun

It’s what I do every time. That’s why sometimes they get mad at me because I tend laugh at serious times. I don’t want to see anyone sad even if they would just hate me for being such a jerk. But I take things seriously I Just don’t like to show it. Sometimes I forget my limits but I keep on reminding myself to be sensitive about the feelings of other people. I’m really sorry.

9. I’m a girl.

My blog looks like I’m not but I like the color so I want to keep it like that.  But I will change it soon.

10. I’m a Sakristan.

Or what you call a church girl or belongs to the Ministry/Knights of the altar. My duty is to assist the priest during the mass and I serve the altar and  of course Our God. I’m grateful for everything He has done for me and I will not be ashamed to say that He’s my God.

So there you go. If you have something to share or if you have some questions just comment below and have a nice day!

P. S if you have a guess on what’s my name please do write it down and let me know what you think.



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