So, I have been nominated for this award by Jirah Merizz. It’s overwhelming and weird at the same time ’cause I’ve noticed that I actually can get as many awards I can HAHA!. Weird. But, Thanks!



Well, there are a lot of challenges that I’m facing just like when I look into the mirror. HAHA! kidding. This is what I think is quite challenging.

Self – rejection. I know that i’m not that good as a person but I often think that I’m not as good as what they expected me to be. I have hated myself most of the times, and I just feel like I’m not enough. I always thought that no one likes me or they’re just there because they needed something from me. I tend to overthink things. It’s still hard for me not to overthink but through the people and His guidance I have thought that despite of all the things that I gave there is always someone who would put me down, who will put some salt all over my wounds and cuts. So I just shake it off. I’ll just do what I think is right and good. And because I know they love me, their love is fulfilling the doubt in my head. I’ll just let them say or do whatever they want. But if I can correct that in a nice way I will so that the Hate will not spread.

Take this advice which is from my Dad and form my sister’s shirt. (respectively)

“The true honour of a man is not by what he has achieved. But by what he has done for the betterment of his fellowmen.”

“Happystress: Happiness in the midst of stress.”

Always seek for His guidance and talk to Him. God will always be there for us. Just take you time and be calm. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and we are always here for you. Actually you can message me if you want to. 🙂 Remember that there’s always that someone who would lead you back on track. God.

I nominate:

Write Ally! Write!

Artist by Beauty


P.S its Peri


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