Yesterday, my friends and I bonded in the resort near Nichole’s house. I thought I will not be able to join them because my Mama and Papa didn’t come home. And I was so nervous and terrified that I wouldn’t make it because some people will get mad. But with the help of my  dear sister, I have talked to my Mama and she let me go. I was so excited that I almost jumped in the pool when we got there.  

     After that I feel like I’m perfectly 

     Haahaha.  In the past few days, I was freaking frustrated and exhausted from everything that is going on.  The world is  so annoying and everyone seemed to lose their minds. That’s why I really need to swim for me to feel ok again. That’s why I AM SO HAPPY TODAY. My thoughts are right and everything else. 

     I hope that that would not be the last time that we will bond together because Moving Up to senior high is near and I don’t wanna miss them.  I got sad when something happened that made my parents change their minds in letting me take my Senior year in Manila. But I am ok now soo…  I don’t know. AHAHHAAHAH 

   I will really miss them even though I’m harsh and always teasing them. 
That’s it, the almost delayed summer bonding hahaha. I’m sorry for being inactive. Ciao!



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