Good day!  I’ve been inactive for a long time so here you go.

 So,  my Papa is a lawyer and he is sometimes strict and is sometimes annoying but I really Love Him!  Hi Pa. But you don’t know I’m blogging Haha whatever.

1. You became aware at a young age.

      Because my father knows so much about the environment we live in, he would always remind you what is going on.  Even the slightest details that many people might not notice. He taught me how to see things as they were and look closely to see the bigger picture.  Sometimes he takes me with him when he have clients to talk to. Then he will talk about things (the legend of purpose and process) that just made me realize the beauty of the world and it just amazes me. That’s why sometimes I’m being teased that I always have an explanation about anything literally. 

“Sometimes your purpose of achieving things are good but the process of getting it is bad. Or the process is good but your purpose might hurt someone… You should plan for better purpose and strive for it with the right process. 

2. You’ll know if a guy likes you.

      Whenever we watch some TV series or movies that involves youths who falls inlove and the like, my dad would always remind us and say that what the guy is saying or doing is his style when he was younger and that tjose are still effective. So if ever comes a day where a guy would say or do something like what we saw on Tv shows,  we should reject him or criticize him first to know if he really is into you and respects you.  That’s why I still haven’t gotten any boyfriend HAHAHAHA. Sometimes knowing what a guy’s next move is annoying because I do want to have a boyfriend. But what my Dad’s teachings set my standards too high and boys sometimes just wants to make girls feel that they are loved but are not consistent and true with what they actually feel. 

3. You are taught right 

     Not just because he is a lawyer but there are advantages in his way of raising us. I’ve been matured at a young age ’cause my father is always preaching and lecturing about life. I ask him questions that may not be appropriate for my age but he will answer me and talk about it with authority.  He explain things so clear and talks to me as though I am already an adult. Which made me feel good about myself and helped me to understand that some things should be done at the right time.  And he never tolerate our bad deeds.

4. You vocabulary gets deeper 

     My dad always talk to me with his attorney attitude and sometimes I don’t even know what he is talking about. So I always asks him for explanation and meaning of those terms and his use of jargon.  

5. He knows how to listen. 

     Of course lawyers are good at listening But Papa is more attentive to me and I could literally talk to him with any topic that goes on in my mind. He sees both side of any conversation and puts the right judgement. I’m so blessed to have him as my Dad. 
     This is not just because You are a lawyer but because you’re my Dad and I’m your beautiful daughter. Haha

   Even though sometimes you talk too much. Haha I love you Pa! Also for my Mom. Becauae of you I’m learning every day.  Thank you for everything. That’s all for tonight!  Ciao! 


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