Earlier today we have officially completed our junior year. Yey!  I moved up with honor. Another yey!  

    We said our goodbyes to one another and share the love with a hug.  Me and Turtle gave a gift to our bestie which took her 5 minutes just to open it Hahaha!  

   I am so happy to see them on the stage with smiles on their face and gratitude in their eyes.  But the most beautiful thing that captures me and my heart is my classmate’s mom.  Mean was so delighted and anxious, she feel every emotion in the world! because her mom had gone for four years and she came on our moving up ceremony for her daughter and she even give my classmate her medal. She hugged her in front of everyone and I Was crying because that scene is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  Because I didn’t just see it, i feel it deep inside me. A scene full of love and happiness because at last!  She is reunited with her mom. God is so good. I am so happy today. I hugged mean so tight because I was so excited for their meeting. The most beautiful thing I’ve also heard was      ” We’ll go home. ” After her mom said that my heart just beats out of my chest and I feel like I’m the daughter because I cried first. Haha 

   After the ceremony me, turt and eniahr went to a restaurant to have our lunch together. Every moment starting from when I first came to school until now was all coming back and i will really miss them.  Those memories will always be treasured. I hope I can still bond with them after several years or so because we’ll be busy again in our SHS life. Especially the Eniahr and Nette. I’m grateful for them and happy for the letter and gift i have received. I love them so much.! I’ll always pray for their health and the goodness of their hearts. G10 may himala (miracle)  let’s go!!! 
  Soar higher is our moving up song.  And I’m currently singing it all over again. It’s so catchy hahaha.  

   So much love,  happiness and contentment. I’m so  happy today that I looked like I had fallen in love but I’m not. But I do got a hug from my crush. Hahaha Ciao! 


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