So,  i was watching some YouTube videos when I came home from the church then I remembered my old notebook with some random things that i wrote. So I decided to share one poem that I wrote.

Here you go!…


I’m putting a tone to the poem i wrote

I can’t seem to find the perfect note

From all the words that I should speak

These are the only thing that I had known

You were for me and I was yours

But now i think we should take a turn

‘Cause I don’t know what cause the sore

And we should both destroy the ego’s ore

I’m putting a quarter to keep this going

And let the caged bird sing

I hope you don’t mind if I keep this ring

Who knows what tomorrow might bring

I’ve put a clef, a bass,  and a sharp

That matches the feelings of my heart

I know you don’t mind that I’m almost done

I gave you a chance but you chose to be gone

I have not finished this song

For you killed me twice when You came back

Sustaining the pain on the second goodbye

Sweet melody of instruments banged all at once…


There you go!  I don’t know what came to me when i wrote that but i think I got interrupted by something on the time that I was writing it because it’s not finished. There’s some words scrambled and crossed out phrases. Haha.

I’m running late because I need to be at the church later.  I will be busy again for this week because it’s holy week. But, I promise I’ll post a update. Because there’s a lot of things that’s happening.

I hope you like it and let us spread the love! Ciao!


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