As I am cleaning my room because it was really a mess,  I saw some of my works.

Here are some of them:

This one is a cellphone box which I wrapped in a patterned paper. I remember that I cut the cap because it was too long.  I made it for storage for my metal puzzles and stuff.  I made it so that I can store my puzzles neatly on the apartment for my Senior high but unfortunately I am not allowed to study in Manila. As I have said in my other post.

Anyway, that is my first attempt on recycling and DIY ing a box.

I made this one for my school project. I just saw that scene on the internet and I mimic it.  It turned out pretty, i guess. My mom said that I should hang it somewhere in the house but I can’t find the perfect spot.

I made this one after I painted the latter one because I got so motivated by the outcome. I just recycled the canvas because it was painted with coffee before but the varnish messed the coffee paint so I decided to repaint it with acrylic paints. That it what I came up with.  It looks so sad. It makes me feel sad whenever I looked at it. It feels like there’s something missing.  I don’t know what.

(sorry if it is tilted)

This one’s a freehand drawing which I made when something just came into my mind. I draw things when some concept just pops up and I just kinda feel to draw it.  It’s a hug in a mug or hug in a cup kind of drama on the drawing. Haha

I just feel like I want to draw and I really don’t know what it’s theme.  It just came out.  I like the meaning of it.  I can’t put some color on my drawings because It will just ruin it  ’cause I’m not good at coloring things Hahaha.

There you go.  Those are some of my works which made me calm when I look at it. I hope you can it clearly because my camera is bad. And I’m sorry for this short post.  I am not really feeling well right now. I feel like my head is breaking.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


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