I have been nominated by Jirah Merizz to do The Blue Sky Tag. Thank you for this nomination! This one’s kinda tricky but Fun!

Rules :

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.


These are my answer to her questions:

  1. What is that one thing you fear the most?

Losing my loved ones. It would really break my heart and I don’t know if I could stand losing them.

2.What does you name mean?

This one’s tricky for you might know my name but i figured out that there’s so many names corresponding to the meaning of mine. My name means “Spritely Beautiful”. My father named me after that because He said that when he first saw me, he just knew that I would be an energetic and a jolly girl. It’s sweet because my parents never planned any names they just based on what will they see at their first glance. And my name just sums it up.

3. What movies/series would you recommend to everyone?

There are so many movies and series that you should check out but I mostly recommend The Mentalist or Identity. It’s a psychological, thriller movie which can really make you think. It’s not that predictable and it’s just as awesome as ever! And Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Pirates of the Caribbean. These are lit!

4. What is your favorite scent?

My favorite scent would be the scent of strawberry and other sweet smelling fruits and the smell of sampaguita. I don’t know why but that’s literally my favorite flower. I also loved the smell of coffee it’s soothing and calming.

5. What is so far your most popular post?

My most popular post was the 10 Facts About Me which made me so happy because socializing with you guys helped me a lot. Thanks!

6. Would you rather watch a sunrise in a beach or watch a sunset in a park?

I would rather watch a sunrise at the beach ’cause it would be a great way to start the day. Being at the beach with the cold water on my feet is just perfect. It’s so peaceful.

7. Would you rather see a rare aurora or hug a wolf?

I would rather hug a wolf. If I could do that I will be the happiest person in the world because It feels like I’m such a beautiful and pure person that even an untamed and intractable animal would let me hug him/her. That’s the best feeling ever.

8. Would you rather live in a tropical country or just stay where you are right now?

I live in the Philippines so either way I love it here! The people and schemes might be annoying sometimes but it’s such a pretty place.

9.Sleep with spiders or be in a lion’s den?

I’d rather be in a lion’s den. I trust God that I will not be harmed and I also think that lions are cute and fun to be with.

10. Have you experienced going out without money or your money being lost?

I have experienced them both. But going out without money is so amazing. I was nervous and excited at first but I really enjoyed just walking and observing my surrounding. You should try it once! the feeling’s priceless.

11. How do you feel right now?

I’m fine. Never better. I almost had a breakdown early this morning but I’m okay now. Just think happy thoughts and Jesus has risen!



I nominate (Though they’re only 8 of ’em *I’m kinda shy to tag people randomly)

Nigar Zindani

Ps It’s Peri

Artist by Beauty

Write Ally Write!


Poet girl em

The stylish Dreamer


So that’s it. I had a lot of fun answering these and here are my questions:

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?
  2. What’s the most unforgettable moment from your childhood?
  3. Would you rather die in an accident or having an incurable disease?
  4. Have you ever done a very courageous thing in your life?
  5. What would be the best gift for anyone?
  6. Do you believe in mermaids?
  7. What is your spirit animal?
  8. What is your favorite flower?
  9. How many language can you speak?
  10. If given a chance to change a thing from the past, what would it be?
  11. Can you describe your ex using a title of a song?


Hope you enjoyed this post. See you around for my next post! Ciao!


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