So,  the holy week had just passed and I want to share my experience with you.



   Last Sunday we had a recollection to help us prepare for the coming holy week. (I was supposed to post something on sunday but I can’t find the time ’cause I’ve been at the church the whole week)

    We tackled about the things that we do on mass and our Preacher talk about the gift.  That everyone of us is a gift for everyone. You can only be a gift fpr someone if you are sacrificing or giving something to someone that is hard for you to give because if you give something that doesn’t make you feel bad about giving means that you are just giving it because you don’t want it anymore.  That you consider that thing as your extra or your garbage.  But if you give something that you have thought twice about giving it means You  are sacrificing and that is how you can truly be a gift.  But giving something that is an extra doesn’t mean you aren’t a gift it’s just the sacrifice for others who need it most is a thing that makes you a better person.

  Starting on Monday, April 10, me and the other KOA meet at the church at 6 AM to sell some goods and souvenir for the ones that’s doing visita Iglesia. I’ve been selling for like two days then my mother didn’t allow me on the third time for me to take a rest. 

  •   Then on April 13 Holy Thursday, is the start of the Easter Triduum. Which means the start of the days of suffering of Jesus starting from the Last supper. 
  • Then Good Friday which recalls the passion and crucifixion of Christ.  
  • The Holy Saturday where the easter vigil started and the use of Paschal candle which symbolized the resurrection of Jesus. Then the Ewster fire being lit.  

The Easter triduum only happens for three days. And I’ll have a different post on this because there’s so much to say! See you!  God bless us all. 



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