I have talked about what is the easter triduum on my last post so,  you can go and check it out Here

     On April 13, Thursday all the Girl koas will be sleeping at rhaina’s house. Because we are expecting to be at the church at 3 in the morning. After the mass we headed to her house and clean up.  Then we played jengga which is one of my mastered game not that I’m bragging.  Hahahah just kiding.  

   Anyway, Jem is strict about the time so she cut our game and ordered us to sleep by 10:30. We followed her orders but I can’t really sleep.  Jam and Rhaina invited me to sleep in her room for us to sleep comfortably. So I followed. Then I lay in bed and close my eyes. But after a few minutes I felt someone walking inside the room and coming near me.  It was kinda swift and it’s just creepy. I kept my eyes closed and juat faced Jam. Then she turned away from me and I was about to poke her because I was really afraid. Fortunately I fell asleep fast.  

Then their noise downstairs woke me up.  They are playing uno cards and having some coffee and hot chocolate. Then we get ready and quickly went to church. When we came there the other KOA mentioned that there’s someone walking upstairs where we slept.  But when she went upstairs she just saw us peacefully asleep. That’s when I realize that there was a ghost. And that ghost is familiarizing herself from my face because that’s the first time I came there.  I’ve been being haunted everywhere I go.  So it’s normal but it still creeps me out. 

     After the discussion about the ghost we form and proceeded to the stations of the Cross. It was tiring but worth it.  We walked the whole town from 3 Am to 9 am.  Then I come back home and come back at the church again at 11 Am.  Then had a procession again and again then served at the mass. 

  Then the next day and the next day,  I have served again. And had a procession again. I haven’t slept for like two days and all I have eaten was the daily bread here in the Philippines or what we call Pandesal. But I’m very thankful because I never felt the hunger and the aching of my muscles.  I just felt numb on sunday and my shoulders are really hurting.

  Then the senior Koa let us girls to use the Pakakak. It should be a Trumpet but we used a wood with a metal dangling from the middle of it and whwn you shake it it sounds like a tap on a wood but is louder. It symbolizes the suffering voice of Christ or the cry of angels.  And the church bell symbolizes the Angel’s voice and rejoicing and givibg back His glory.  

When I was on my way home on Friday I saw this quoted sticker on the vehicle. It’s nit the exact look of it but the quote is the same.  I thought I should share it with you. 


    I have learned so much this week.  And I feel the love of our God, i have also seen a woman crying because of the happiness she felt. Everyone is giving and loving.  There’s some problems that came during these days but the Love of God wins.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and God bless you all.  



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