I decided to make my own summer to-do list for my family hasn’t gotten any plans yet. Because most of them has to go yo work and my other sister is still going to school. It’s saddening but I know we can just reschedule our vacation.

So I came up with the things that I want to do this summer and hopefully I can achieve or do them.

Here you go:

1. Have a vacation

First with my family and then with my friends. As I have said they were so busy and I want them to take a rest and have a relaxing time. Even if its at an amusement park or a trip out of town or a museum or at the beach. Wherever we go as long as we’ll be happy and relaxed.

2. Go out

I really don’t feel the world these past few days. I don’t know why but I hope I can stroll again without being paranoid. I don’t know why people scares me so bad, even crossing the street scares me. I feel like anytime I will be hit by a rushing vehicle. Geez

3. Take a vacation at a pool resort or at the beach

Because I badly needed it. Literally. I don’t want to happen again what happened to me last year. I feel so incomplete and everytime I saw a picture or even hear someone talking about their swimming vacation, I almost cried and just really wanna jump right into the pool. It’s just swimming is one of the things that makes me feel brilliant. And my mind is not over thinking that much.  Like everything is alright. That’s why I really need it.  And for me to use my tank top.

I have bought this last sunday at tge department store after we attended the mass.  I just saw this and me wearing this with my favorite shorts on a beach just pictured in my head. I have also bought a new goggles and some other blouses and shirts. I’m really summer ready but doesn’t have a ny plans yet. *sigh*

4. Finish my drawings

I have started some drawings when there’s still school but I can’t finish them. So hopefully I get motivated and start to finish it.

5. Be productive

I have been ao unproductive after the Holy week.  All I do was play, sleep,  watch and eat.  I want to have like a routine or just something to do.  Like exercise or paint. And I also want to post a blog everyday for I haven’t been able to do that.  I also want to do something for me to not just hold and scroll and always play on my phone.  Because I know it’s not good for me.

6.  Find new music

I have a lot of time to search on new music.  Though it’s old or different genres. As long as it’s new to me.  I really want to have another favorite song or music and I want to try hearing new sounds so that I’ll be motivated. If you have any suggestions just comment below and I’m gonna listen to them!

7. Make a new cover.

I have been practicing True Colors on the keyboard and I’m almost done. I want to make a cover of it and upload it on soundcloud. I am also practicing Sa’yo by Silent Sanctuary and make a cover of it. It’s an Original Pilipino Music or OPM. You should check it out!

8. Read 5 books

I’m currently reading The Catastrophic History of You and Me and I want to read more books.  There’s a lot of books that my sister have bought which I haven’t read.  And I want to finish them all.

9. Go to a Haunted house

It’s a haunted house on an amusement park called Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines. It’s located at Sta. Rosa in Laguna.  I have entered one before but in the other park and it’s not scary because the way is so wide and it’s just machines that’s moving like a Gifs. But at the Enchanted Kingdom they’re people who wears costumes and prosthetics. I want to overcome my fears and I have never entered a haunted house like that and I never like haunted houses.  The first time I saw it I just literally backed down. Because it’s as long as 5 or 6 container vans. I don’t know if I can finish it but hopefully my fears would go away after that.

10. Go to a zoo

I haven’t visited any zoo in my 16 years of existence. And I want to see animals that I have only seen at the TV and documentary films. But I would like to see them personally outside their cage just like at the safari and amazon or their own habitat where the animals are freely moving.

There you go!  I hope I can do them all and stay productive.  And just spread the love and joy.  I hope that this summer would be epic!



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