Good day everyone! Hope you’re all doing great! As you can see I have changed and customized my site. Go and check it out!
Now is the time where you will know my name… *drum roll *


So there you go. I am Elline Andreana Reyes. That’s my real name. But you can call me Andy. Now you know. And I don’t know what to say anymore. *ba dum thuss* HAHAHA. Hi!!

    Oh i almost forgot, it’s pronounced as e-lin not e-line like a straight line and also not e-lin-eh And it’s aN-dre-ya-na. Almost everyone have pronounced it wrong. But I’m quite used to it. 

    I have said in my other post when I answered a question that my name means “Spritely beautiful”. I am a 16 year old Filipina and is about to take my Senior years. It’s kinda exciting and I am getting anxious about my schedule and what will happen on my first day. But I still have high hopes that everything’s gonna be alright.

I should post this earlier but something came up and I lost my mood. I don’t want to post anything when I’m not feeling ok ’cause I just don’t feel like it. But I want to be productive and post atleast 1 everyday. Sorry for the delay.

Anyway, I have 4 other siblings and we are all girls. But we are not that girly girl so it’s not that weird. We also fought, we dance and do some silly things just like some boys do. My Father is a lawyer and my mother stays at home. But she has something to do because she is a volunteer and a member of Kiwanis.

When I was a child I want to be a scientist but then as I grow up and saw and learned the bad stuff. I hesitate to be one. I enjoy crafting and creating things with my hands. I’m quite talkative but I’m learning not to be a chatterbox and I’m improving. I have learned that listening is much more helpful and is better than always opening my mouth. Thanks to my friends.

I am currently obsessed with the State of Sound. They’re music is so good! you should go and check them out.
That’s all for now! You can check my other post which is the 10 facts about me to get to know me more. Thanks!

Once again, Andy




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