Last night my oldest sister asked my father if he can fetch her, so my father immediately got up and get his keys.  My sister is from the Philippine Normal University because she just finished taking up her examination for her Masters degree in education.

   It becomes a routine whenever my sisters are away and my father is always asking who would come and join him fetch my sister. And I always volunteer.  

     We almost got hit by a car from our back because it overtakes on our left side which means he is counter flowing. And when he overtake there’s a motorcycle going on a different direction. That’s why my father got mad. But luckily, no one got hurt.  Then I opened up what happened to me in Manila. That most of the drivers there are really fast and they would still fit themselves on a way that’s fitting exactly on their vehicles. And I remembered the Blumentritt joke and we just laugh at the scene.  Maybe the driver of that car is from the city.  

   Then we went quiet as the night goes by.  There are only few cars still roaming and few people on the street. It was beautiful to drive around quarter to 11. The light posts are gloomy and the road looked so clean.  It’s like a scene from a movie.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera to capture it.  

    After the trip we stopped at the convenient store and bought some hotdogs and siopao (a Chinese bread stuffed with meat). Then my sister and I make fun of ourselves and talked about silly things. 

      It’s a little bit foggy last night. Because it’s already thirty past eleven and we’re already on our way home.  Looking outside the car at the stars and just looking at an empty street with trees beside the side walk and embracing the peacefulness of the night is one of the best parts about taking random trips. And those are the times where I really get to bond with my father and jus talk about anything in life.

   I hope we can do this again because the last time that we did this was last January. Really looking forward to it.

    After we went home I opened my WordPress app and scroll and read some of the comments on different posts.  The people were so friendly and everyone seemed to be thanking each other by shouting like “Thank you!  And to you too!!” Most of the comments have exclamation points and it’s just hilarious. I can imagine some meme Hahaha.  But it’s good that we are interacting and are grateful about what we have read.
       Anyways, Have you had a random trips before?  What’s the best part about it?  

Hope you’re all doing great! Ciao! 


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