Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a fun day.  Here’s a secret….. I do have a real life friend here in blogosphere. Yes you have read it right she’s Jirah Merizz.  Here are some fact about her. 

This would be epic.  

1. She has a long chin.

    hahaahahha and sometimes i call her “Babs” because the tagalog word for chin is baba.  Her contact on my phone named babs hahah

2. She’s allergic to peanuts. 

     Sometimes she even disliked the smell of it. Her dad said that when she was younger they rushed her to the hospital because she ate a peanut butter flavored candy and she got some rashes and she can’t breathe well. (atleast we know that they’re using pure peanuts) HAHAHA just kidding.

3. She’s attracted to gay. 

     When we were going to the canteen after the class, she accidently bumped into a handsome guy.  I teased her although she hasn’t seen the face of the guy. But when she saw it she totally agree with me.  Then the next day I saw the guy again and got shocked when he flicks his butt like a girl would do. And we’re like “whuuuuuut?! ”

It’s not the first, she is really attracted to gay. Most of the guys now are gay, so what.  It’s just a crush and they are really good looking. 

4. She likes hugging.

   As in.  Sometimes she’s just gonna approach some friends with her arms wide and give them a hug.  

5. I always learn something from her 

   I mean what are friends for right?  But I learned mostly terms or words. Hahahaha kidding. We were talking about random things and she will use a term that I never really understand. Then she would explain it to me and I ask her again about that term for like three times so that I will completely understand it.  She’s also one of those who made me realize it’s better to shut my mouth more often. And that I should listen more. 

6. She can’t dance.

     Most of the girls can dance. I don’t know why she can’t. But she’s learning just like when we have a cheer dance, there’s a step that most of us can’t do. But I do get it so she asked me to teach her.  At first it was hard because she’s not that flexible but she got it and have done it nicely after a few practice. And I’m proud of her.

7. Sometimes she hates humans 

     Because she’s an alien. Hahahha.  No,  it’s just most of the people we have encountered wasn’t nice and seemed out of their minds and they’re being selfish. That’s why she never forget the ones who helped her or is nice to her and those people who are crazy enough to care. 

8. She’s about 5’3 

     She is pretty tall. I don’t know her exact height but it’s about that or even taller.  

9. She likes to pretend.

     Prentend to be mad although she’s not.  Sometimes she is being harsh but then she would end up laughing at herself. Sometimes when there’s someone being rude to her or her friends she’ll be like “I’m gonna kick his/her ass” to have a vengeance for what they did but she doesn’t have the courage to do it. Kinda weird. 

10. She’s kinda sweet

     She’s a fine, thoughtful and genuine person. (saying complimentary words is cringy) but she really is.  No words to explain it. But sometimes she’s selfish then she would think of others so it’s not that bad at all. Like she’s trying to be mean but she’s just not a bad person. 

11. She chews and jerks on her sleep 

     I saw this one time, i woke up too early when we had our sleep over then I heard something then I saw her chew.  It’s a superstition that chewing on you sleep is bad. I don’t no why. 

     On the other sleepover I suddenly woke up because she jerked. It’s weird. It was like she just got electrified like a sudden jolt when you are grounded. 

12. She’s so influential 

     Like there’s something she is always saying like a catch phrase or something. Next thing you know,  you’re saying it too. At first it was annoying but you’ll really get used to it. 

13. She is observant 

     She might not know it but she really is.  I have known it before sometimes I just ignore it but she is pretty good at observation. She notice things that sometimes I haven’t noticed. 

14. She can sing

     There comes a time where she sings randomly and I can hear that she is hitting the notes. She doesn’t know it because I don’t want to say it ’cause she’ll try doing it again and becoming serious about it.  Because she can do better when she just blurted out the words to a song without even noticing that she is doing great without trying so hard to hit them. 

15. She keeps on saying that Break a sweat is by little mix

     I like that song because it was groovy and up beat. It automatically sets my mood to dance that’s why I often play it. When she heard it she immediately said it was by the Little mix but it’s not. It’s by Becky G.  But it does kinda sound like little mix. You should go and listen to it.

     That’s it. You can check her blog  at Jirah Merizz

      Every monday we’ll have a collab and hope that you enjoyed it. And have a wonderful day!




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