Yes, I’m also playing mobile legends.  I’ve been spending my whole night ’till 3 Am or ’till I fell asleep playing that game. It’s basically just an RPG but without the story and stuff. If you know DOTA then you’ll get this.

Last last night, Jirah and I played together (we’re spending our night just to play) and at first we have this random team mate named Uchiha Madara which comes from the anime Naruto Shippuden and he uses karina (a hero from the game). Then the next game we had another random team mate called Naturo Uchiha. It was cool because they almost had the same name and Jirah mistakenly thought that it was the same person but it’s not. Then we added him as friend because He was really good. and we’ve been playing all together. We’re chatting through mobile legends and it was awesome. That’s my first time to have a friend that I really don’t have any idea who he might be. I always call him bestie. He said he was 18 and he smokes cigarette. It was kinda disappointing because he’s hurting himself but who am I to budge right? He was nice but kinda proud of himself. At first, it was so annoying but I’m getting used to it. He was so easy to get along with even though I don’t know his real name and he doesn’t know mine as well. It was a cool experience.


Tonight we’ll play again but I’m really trying my best not to, because it can destroy my eyes and my health. Sleep is so important to the body that’s why I should sleep on the right time. I’ll try my best to just play ’till 12 for the meantime, then slowly diminishing my gaming time. Hope that I can do it. And I’m not advising for you to try and play because it’s addicting. Never ever play that game unless you can limit yourself.


Have you had a friend through games? or internet sites? What’s your experience about it? Let me know at the comment box below!

Have a nice day Ciao!


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