Ciao!  Are you guys doing good?  So, I was scrolling through my phone and I saw pictures back when we climb a mountain called Mt. Batulao on the summer of 2015. The memories flashes back and I want to share the experience with you!

First,  we walked for like 5 to 8 kilometers before reaching the starting point of the trail. It’s about quarter to 6 that time. As you can see the sun is shining but the breeze is blowing. The best weather! 

Then we reached the starting point and take arest first.  Fortunately there’s some fresh coconut juice and we drank them before getting into the trail. 

There are my cousins and my family but the others are also hikers that we got along with. They’re so nice! 

I got a scratch from a grass there but it was absolutely fun.  We have to fit on the trail and you should be perfectly fit before going on an adventure like this or else you might faint or might lose your balance then fell.  This requires discipline. 

These are photos taken at the 7th peak.  Because the trail composes 10 peaks and the 10th is the summit. It was so relaxing and you can see how healthy the mountain is and I also remembered seeing a bird which you can only see at the forest.  There are also mulberry trees beside the tracks. And there was a time where we all fit ourselves on the track because there was a horse walking up the mountain and it was so cool! My sister almost fell when she slipped while going down at a peak.  We all freaked out Hhaha. After reaching the half of the 8th peak which is so dangerous my mom got nervous and tell us all to go back.  We haven’t reached the summit but i hope I can go back again and finish it. Before leaving the trail I carved my name on a pencil with the date and threw it as far as I could.  It’s not dangerous for the nature because  it is made of wood and can be easily decomposed. I make sure that I can conserve the surrounding and not hurt it.

After the trail we went to a river near the mountain to take a rest, eat and swim of course. Yay! 

That’s my sister who went straight to the streaming water and let herself be dragged by the river.  Don’t worry she knows how to swim and the river’s not that deep. We were having so much fun. We were all so pumped up. Hahaha! 

There’s a diving spot there but my mom was too anxious about me jumping off a cliff so I haven’t tried it. There’s also falls and fishes which I absolutely find interesting because the world is kinda polluted.  That’s why I’m loving the place more and more!  The water is so clear and safe to drink. 

     I hope that there are more mountains to be seen and forests to be hiked. I’m lucky I can still see a massive forest underneath the peak and not deforested trees.  And animals that can only be seen at this places. It’s so beautiful!

We will be having a vacation next week and I’m excited about it.  There’s been so many plans and now it’s totally gonna happen yay!!  

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you around. !


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