So,  as we have said in our first collab.  Every monday will be a collab day! Yaay! If you haven’t read our first collaboration yet just click here for Jirah’s post and here‘s mine. 

We have talked about these but I don’t have any idea what her answers might be. Did that made sense? If you’re watching something like this on youtube then you’ll understand what I’m saying. Hahaha These are mine! 

1. Be a drama queen

    It’s me i guess?  Because I can’t control my tears especially when I’m mad. 

2. Watch animes

Jirah, I do watch anime but she has more copies than me because I don’t have a flash drive right now so she’s the one who watches them more and spends a lot of time watching.

3. Give all their money to charity

Elline, I just thought that it’s me because I do like to help others and see their smiles. But Jirah also like to help others as well.

4. Marry a celebrity

Jirah. She’s into the track of arts and she likes to blog and planning to vlog. She’s a good actress, talented and sadly to admit she’s good-looking. HAHA! She have met some artists and the track of showbiz and arts just fits her well.

5. Talk to animals

Jirah, she talks to her cats when she’s so bored. She will ask them some twisted questions. But I also talk to them so it can be both.

6. Cry in a sad movie

Jirah. Actually both of us cries whilst watching sad movies but I can control my eyes to not spare a tear. So yeah,  it’s ji. Just like when we watched Les Miserables I suddenly hear a sob and I looked at her and she was so dramatic to look at that I actually tear up though I was trying so hard no to. But on the average it’s both. 

7. Hold their breath the longest

Elline, we have done this when we were on the pool together with Rain. We tried to hold our breaths under the water and I won. yay!

8. Worry about small things.

Jirah, As I have said earlier she gets so anxious about the small things that isn’t that important and there will be times where she just rejects herself. Mostly when she has a crush on someone hahaha!

9. Listen to a classical music

Elline, I have a playlist on my desktop and on my phone which is composed of classical music, violin and piano covers of some songs and orchestral performances. I do like to listen to them whenever I read a book or just want to relax.

10. Get a stalker.

Elline, I do have one now. And it’s freaking me out. He’s not really following me everywhere like a typical stalker you have watched from series and movies but he is always sending me messages and always being weird and creepy. I told him to stop and just bother another humanoid in a nice way but he just don’t stop. Then he would post something  sad on social media pertaining to his messages being ignored. I just don’t get him, ’cause we barely even talk and see each other, I don’t know how he could say that he likes me (he even said “I love you”) and act like we are together if he doesn’t even know me. Geez

11. Laugh at the wrong moment

Elline, I’m so bad at hiding my laughter. Seriously. But ji is bad at this too so it can be both. l just can’t help it.  That’s why I often get into trouble and always end up shaming myself in public. So awkward. Hahahah

12. Be a heart breaker

Elline, because I don’t like the guys who likes me. I don’t even like myself and I don’t know what they see in me. If i don’t like you then I don’t but we are still friends it’s just I don’t want to take those friendships into the next level. Sorry Because I’m not into them and I like another guy who doesn’t like me. HAHAHA sad. And I’m really bad at expressing myself or what I feel that’s why I’m often being misunderstood by others.

13. Ask some stupid questions

Elline, I do like to ask questions that’s twisted. Sometimes I get too curious and something random pops into my mind and I just ask them right away. There was also a time where I’m really not in the mood and I asked something and then eventually finding out that the answer is too obvious and my sisters was like ” ugh. *face palms*.”

14. Fart in public

Jirah, one time she farted at a branch of nike in the mall where they stroll. It’s nasty but fun AHAHA sorry to spoil ji!  Can’t help it. HAHAH She often goes home on school hours because of nature’s call.

15. Be impatient

Jirah, because I have a lot of patience that I could actually wait for someone for how long it might take as long as he/she will come. I actually often wait for Jirah and Rain for 2 hours or more whenever we have errands. I don’t think Jirah or anyone could beat me at waiting. Hahaha

16. Be hungry 24/7

Jirah, she’s always hungry and is always eating but is not getting fat.  

17. Drop their phone after they bought them

Elline, because I’m kind of careless sometimes and my cellphone slipped out of my hand minutes after I received it. Gee my bad 

18. Fall/trip over whilst walking

Elline. I’m such a clumsy person and I often fall. It’s embarrassing but I just laugh at myself or pretend that no one sees it or pretend that there’s a rock or the floor is slippery. Haha! 

19. Always be the happy

Jirah, most of the times my face is like this 😐. I’m not that serious, I mean I have never been so serious in ny entire life but it’s just I don’t often smile. I’m always so chill and easy and Most of the times Jirah is so hyped up. She’s full of happiness, positivity, sweetness and the like which can be shown in her smiles. 

20. Spend all the money to something stupid

I think this would be none of us because I’ve never bought anything that is not important or I can’t get any benefit from but I don’t think that jirah would ever by anything that is such a waste of money so it’s neither. Haha (we’re not supposed to answer both or neither but rebellion strikes ) hahaha

So that’s it!  Hope you guys are having fun reading this post. Go and check out Jirah’s answers there on her name sorry if you can’t clearly see the links and tags because the color is in the same shade. But you can judge now the synchronicity of our minds. It’s kinda weird but yeah I think it’s almost the same hahaha. 

  Stay tuned for the third collab! Thanks for stopping by! 

God bless you all!  Ciao! 


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