So guys how are you feeling today?  Are you feeling sad, low and bored?  Here are some of the things that can help you add a little spice to your day and bring more joy to your life!

1. Make music

       Learn an instrument or more!  Put your spirit into it to help you soothe your soul and clear your mind on everyday troubles. And be bold enough to share your music to others.  

2. Go on a camp

     It can be on the mountains or the forest.  Even outside your house! Your backyard or a park! Embrace the beauty of the night sky and let your mind be free of thoughts. 

3. Donate blood

     I know this one’s need a lot of process to make sure that your are healthy enough to donate blood.  But trust me it’s priceless. You can donate blood with your family or friends and save a life.  You’ll be an instant hero! 

4. Read some poems

     Reading poetry and feeling the essence of anything through magical words will help you to your everyday life.  It can be regarding life and happiness and love and the things that we cannot see but is the most essential thing in life. And let those words feed your soul with purity and happiness.

5. Shhhh 

     Take a trip on a nearby beach or park or watch sunset or sunrise on your roof or terraces and let the calmness and quietness of the moment help you analyze and understand those major things that’s bugging you. This can be the time to let your thoughts take you where they may. And help you recharge to face once again the ridiculously fast paced world.
Because there will be always a time where we all feel so low and anytime we’re about to crack. It happens…so I hope some of these will help. 

Those are the things you can start doing to add a little spice on your life and enjoy and conquer the world with high hopes and a smile! Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that these things can help you!



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