On May 6th to 7th, my family and I went to Laguna to have some relaxing time on a hot spring. We left our hometown past 1 o’clock and we got there at 4 in the afternoon. It was a looong way but exciting. I do have a picture while on our way but my sister didn’t send it to me soo yeah sorry ’bout that.  But here’s some of the pictures of the venue. 

The pool is so wide that I actually can practice my strokes. I do know how to swim but unfortunately I am kind of sick that day that my breath is short and I get easily tired. That’s why I often stay in the water. I went to 6 ft deep and practice my breathing and threading which is basically like a routine to make yourself float. 

There’s actually a mountain near the venue and I think it’s Mt. Makiling. I’m not quite sure but it’s so beautiful but I haven’t captured it. 

Even though the water is warm I still dive right into it which made my head ache a little. I don’t want to ruin that day though I was sick because I am stubborn as hell. I am fully awake for the whole 11 hours and I think the time that I wasn’t in the water was only when I eat or I’m in the bathroom. My parents let me drink a shot of Andy cola and a shot of tequila which made me feel a lot worse. They just agree to let me drink because I should know what it tastes like. They don’t know that I’m ill because I don’t think that I told them that I was sick. Soo,  my fault. 

I watched the sunrise while on the van.  And it was fascinating and beautiful. 

We got home at 6 am and that’s when I realize that I pushed myself too hard because I was asleep the whole day.  Yeah hahaha. That’s why I haven’t posted this yesterday. But here you go. 

How about your family vacation?  I wanna know your summer story. Let me know in the comments below and have a nice day!! 



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