Hi guys!  Hope you’re doing well! 

You all know that I’m about to take my senior years and I’m pretty scared, nervous and excited about it. I am going to take those two years (hoping not to get kicked out)  at a private school here in the Philippines. This is the first time that I will be studying at a private school that’s why I’m not that used to their routines even though I know what they are. Jirah on the other hand have studied at a Catholic school (most of the private schools here is a Catholic school). Here are my expectations on my senior life :

1. I think I can adapt easily 

       To the changes in terms of schedule and rules. 

2. Someone will not like me

       I already know it because I mostly DGAF (if you know what that means) that’s why maybe there’s some who will not like me which I kinda like so that no one will bother me.  I’m kind of snobbish and shy as well so yeah I think I’d be better alone. And I’m really scared because there’s one time where one of their students bumped into me and glared at me then I can’t find Jirah and I almost cried.

3. There will be a lot of hard work to do 

     I’m a person who just take things so easy, “happy go lucky” like I  have said in our other collab.  I have never been so serious in my entire life and I always tend to procrastinate so, i need to improve myself and study. 

4. My handwriting will be better

      I’m practicing my handwriting for about a month now and hopefully it is getting better. 

5. Mistakenly pronounce my name

     No one have ever pronounce my name right on the first time even on the fifth like omyyyyy.  So, I’m gonna introduce myself as Andy so that they’ll get it right and it is easier than to correct them everytime.

6. There are strict Teachers

    Let’s admit it there will always be a teacher who is a torture to every student in every level of every school. Right? 

7. A lot of disappointment

      Froms the staff, admin, dean,the students, classmates, subjects, officials, presentations and projects. Because disappointments are part of every day life. 

8. My first day will be a disaster 

     I might get lost on my first day and maybe trip myself or any embarrassing thing. Hoping that I can pull that day off nicely.

9. I’ll get a demerit 

     We have a discipline sheet if we are following the rules or not and I think that I will get a demerit a lot so I’m really going to follow every rule as long as it’s fine by reasonable terms.  

10. This will be the first time that I will be studying 

      I never studied for my whole journey of my schooling because yeah DGAF. Even when it’s examination day or week, never. Maybe I studied but just opened tge book and never really read it that I understand it. But this two years ahead of me will really help me in my future so I’m gonna do my best to rock it while enjoying.  Hoping for the best and hoping that this is tge right track for me *cross fingers * 
So that’s it.  I’m really scared whilst typing my expectations that I am kind of shaking hahaha. Go and check out Jirah’s expectations here

What are you feeling on the first day of your senior year?  What about your experiences?  Let me know about it on the comments below!

Thanks for dropping by and wish you all a blessed day! 



8 thoughts on “Senior High Expectations 

  1. I guess already have bad expectations will help you be less dissapointed 😁 I’m so scared for next year when Im alone on a new school and dont know anyoneee.. but everyone is so i guess that makes it a little better haha

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    1. That’s what makes it feel good. If something bad ever happen i’m like “oh well”. 😂 but still I have high hopes and I’m not that ready but bring it on. Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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