Good day to everyone! What a good face you got there! 

So,  in my posts you can see that I’m really having fun with my life and that it looks like everything is good. But honestly it’s not.  No one in the world haven’t gotten  a problem.  I also encounter those freakishly sad moments and those times where everything falls apart that anytime, anymoment I could just crack and shatter. I had a breakdown recently but those sad things should never ever get in my way so here are some of the things that keeps me positive.

Being positive doesn’t mean you’re happy, it’s something that keeps your mood high and your hope sparkle, something that can keep you pushing and keeps that flame burning. Happiness will follow. Man, that’s deep Haha anyways let’s get started.

1. Think about the problem

      Think about the problem and how it can ruin your day. If you have realized that worrying about the problem won’t solve it and will just make you feel bad. So take a deep breath and shake them off. Drink coffee or tea or take a bath to refresh yourself from being so low.

2. Change the way you think about it.

     Just like the quote “Everything happens for a reason “. Maybe what you are facing right now is what You really need. It might lead you to a better way.  Losing something isn’t always a loss. 

3. Remember the good things 

     Your friends, family and all the people who are there for you no matter what.  They have stuck with you all the way and you are blessed to have someone around. Your talents,  skills,  knowledge and everything that you can be thankful for. Good times will pass but so’s the bad. It’s the cycle of life and enjoy everything. 

4. SMILE! 

     Ok.  Can you do a favor for me?  Can you smile for five seconds?  It doesn’t matter what you look like every smile is beautiful. So,  smile! 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Then laugh!  (even if it’s fake)  come on! I know you can do better than that. 

     That’s better.  It felt good right? 

5. Chill out

     Be at peace. I think that me thinking too much about anything is literally a waste of time.  It just made me mad and I can’t think straight. So breathe well and just clear you mind for a while.  Take some rest, grab an ice cream or chocolate, then just be at peace. Everything is better when you’re calm. 

Thanks for dropping by and I do hope that these things will help you. So let’s celebrate the positivity! And shake all the negativity out! 

And be as chill and positive as this cat. You can surpass everything! You can! 



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