This day is collab day!  If you still don’t know Jirah and I are collaborating during Mondays. But this one’s kinda late because we almost forgot about it haha sorry for that.  This collab is a letter for a specific person. Basically, we have someone in our minds right now and we are going to write a message for him or her. And this is what I want to tell him.

Hi! How are you?  I haven’t seen you for a very long time. Seriously. Thank you for staying with me whenever my service is late because I was left all alone at the school. Thank you for the memories we had.  Tell me about your experiences there on the other side of the world though I don’t know where exactly you are. What about your competitions? Please be careful because you’re sport is quite dangerous and hitting you in the face will make you uglier. Hahaha just kidding. By the way,  I quit the Taekwondo training when the school year started because the training time is way to late for a 6 year old girl. Now I’m playing table tennis and I also swim but I rejected the offer to be a part of the swimming team because I was already a player of table tennis. But we can still do some sparring if wanted to be hurt Haha I’m not serious about the spar. Haha i think you’re already a black belter by now. You looked so good when we last met and I hope that you looked as good as before because puberty doesn’t work for everyone hahaha peace out!  

You can always visit us here in the Philippines! Have a vacation with us just like before!  We’ll welcome you with a hug.  We can play again and draw things together. I hope that you’ll beat me on the games we played before. Just a reminder, I always win!  Hahaha

I hope that you still remember me. ’cause i only see you in my memory. I hope that this time you’ll stay longer. We’ll have fun as if it will be our last! 

I miss you!  We’ll see each other again.  😊

P. S. What’s your name? 


I don’t know his name but I remember his face and that he once introduced himself as superman and on the other day batman. Tss.  So whoever you are and wherever you are this is a shout out to you! 

That’s it for our collab.  Check out Jirah’s letter here. Also check out our other collaborations.

Thank you for reading this!  Have a nice day! 



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