Hi guys!  I’m back at it again with the things that can spice up your day and add a little bit of texture to your life!

1. Plant something

I’ve planted some vegetable seed last Tuesday and It’s starting to sprout!  It actually made me so delighted to watch its life grow! It can also help you to be more patient. You can also try it.  It’s really nice to take care of something then having a progress and seeing it bloom and grow!

2. Smile to a stranger

Give someone  a kind smile.  It may be what that person needs. Smile to a street vendor, bored guard, street kid or homeless to anyone who needs it.  It can get them motivated and you might just make that person’s day!  😊. It can also lighten up your own mood!  Smile more often!

3. Write a letter

Everyone loves receiving a letter!  (unless it’s bills)  hahaha kidding. I actually love making letters and love receiving them.  Writing someone a letter whether it’s a friend or not just means you’re thinking about them and you care about them that you have given your time to them just to write that letter. Isn’t that sweet?

4. Save up!

Start saving up for some thing that you really want.  You can put all your change for that day in the piggy bank whether it’s a bill or a penny.  It is really convenient to help you achieve those lovely dress, set of books, paint set,  or a dream vacation. It can help you when setting goals and working hard to attain them!

5. Be friends with animals.

Kiss your cat or hug you dog or sleep with them or go to a zoo but avoid taking pictures if possible because it can harm them. Studies show that being with animals can give you a longer and more peaceful life. Being with my pets actually makes me happy and calm.
If you still haven’t read The first Spice up your day post just click here to check that out!

That’s a wrap for another Spice up your day post. Thank you for reading this post and I really hope that these things helps and if it’s effective please let me know in the comments below!

Live a better and happier life!


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