Good day everyone! Can you smile for a bit?  

Thank you!  You looked good. I’m just so happy to be posting again!

So,  yesterday, May 20, 2017 we had a Vicarial Sports Fest from the 7 Arch angels at Panungyanan, Gen. Trias, Cavite. I belonged in the St. Agustin’s Parish and our parish is the only one who have girl Sacristan. That’s why the games included in the sports fest are mostly for boys. Agawang Buko (Snatch the Coconut), Water relay and Basketball. We got there by 7 am. 

We had a mass first before starting the program. 

After the mas we had a parade then the opening remarks then the torch then we gathered around with all the comitee and other Sacristan to take a picture. Then we performed our intermission by dancing some dance craze here in the Philippines. 

The first game was Water Relay. We are given plastic cups and a liter of water.  10 players form a line and we have to pass the water to the last player using only our mouths while biting the plastic cup. I don’t want to play in any game but my co-servers insist for me to join so I did.  Realizing that it’s actually fun. I haven’t drop any water from my cup!  But the person in front of me suddenly laughed that he accidentally poured the water ob my face and I can’t help but laugh also.  Haha!  

This next game was Agawang buko(I wasn’t able to take a picture because my phone might get wet and everyone’s getting crazy those pictures are from Google) There is a set up ring for the players to play on and it composed of four players.  One in every team (Red my team, Blue, Orange and Green team). They have to possess the Coconut and tap it on their post.  The coconut is poured by water (it is mostly oil or lotion)  first for it to be slippery. Then when the game started the commitee also threw somewater at the players, making it hard for them to gain the coconut. They stumbled, get soaked up in both water and mud, got bumped and got some wounds just to posses the coconut. Gee, but they’re all sport so nothing is personal.  We are cheering for our team and Jem suggested to tickle the one who has the coconut for him to take advantage hahahaha. Everyone is shouting and cheering. It’s crazy! We won in this game! 

Then we played tug of war.  We didn’t won in this one.  I also haven’t taken a photo while they’re playing.  Sorry. 

Then the basketball game started one for the seniors and for the juniors. I saw a guy who looked like Alucard, he’s name is J. A Viray from the blue team. And Judith and I found other player looking like the heroes from Mobile legends. I actually cheered by calling them as a hero from the game while they play and every time that they shoot we are shouting “First blood!  Or killing spree!  Request backup!  Etc” we bacame the voice actors in the game hahaha. 

Then out of boredom we asked the boys if we could play basketball and they let us.  It’s two on two. My teammate is Jem which is Judith’s sister then Judith and Rhaina. My team won! Hahaha. I sprained my finger, got a cut and I was hit in the face by the ball while playing because judith tried to shoot but it touches the edge of the board and it bounced back but it’s worth it! I had a lot of fun. Two of my shirts are actually soaked in sweat that day.  Gladly I brought an extra.  

After the games the blue team is the all out winner. The awarding started and another picture! Lastly, the closing remarks!

Then I got home by 7:39 PM. It was tiring but so much fun. I saw some of my schoolmates there like Eugene. And my co-girl scout Yssah. Hoping to be able to join again on the next formation and Activities! Then I put some ice on my sprained finger then massage it afterwards. This is also the reason why I can’t write and post this blog because every time that my pinky finger is touched or my ring finger moves it aches and I don’t want it to be sore and I am fully awake for 37 hours straight. I’m getting crazier and sober though I didn’t drink alcohol hahaha that’s why I really need some sleep. I’m really sorry about the delay. But here it is. I also found out that Jem and Judith and Kuya Jai is a relative which so cool hahahah. 

Thank you guys for reading this long post and hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a nice day!  

God bless you and your family!  Ciao


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