Good day everyone! Are you having fun? 

So,  on sunday, May 21, 2017, my hometown celebrated and we had a Parade of different personalities that represents Mary the mother of Christ then we are offering her with a flower which we call Flores De Mayo. I think we adapt this tradition from Spain because we are once ruled by them but I’m not really sure. 

First, my Mama and I went to the salon for my hair and make up.  My hair is so thick that I used too much clips and take some time just to arrange my hair.  My hair looks like a rose it was stunning!  Thanks to Mr. Hair and Make up Artist.  I wasn’t able to take a photo of myself because we are already late. 

We gathered at the church at 2:00 pm. But I came there by 2:30 or later.  I didn’t bring my watch because we weren’t allowed to wear one. Then the parade started. All the other Sacristan who are not involve in the parade will be wearing our Sutana and lead the parade. 

It is actually my first time to be a part of the said Celebration. I’m really nervous and I am literally shaking when it started because we are going to show ourselves in public while wearing our gown and being stared at by many people just makes me feel so uncomfortable. That’s why I’m very grateful for Kuya Andre who is my Escort because he had the courage to reach out and talk to me. We just talked and talked the whole way back to the church that I completely forgot about the people surrounding us and I didn’t feel tired because I was enjoying the conversation and his company. And he didn’t hesitate to help me in my gown because I was stepping on it and I was about to trip. It’s really embarrassing. But he is such a gentleman! 

After we got back to the church we offered the flowers then we ate our snacks. Then I was given these chocolates which serves as a gift.

Then before we went to have a dinner we took a picture.

Then we headed to Giligan’s and ate my favorite sisig!  Then crispy pata and many more! Then we went home and take a rest.  

Before I sleep I take a bath and I had taken so much time just to pull out all the bobby pins in my hair. They are 54 pieces to be exact. I was really struggling to clean my hair and get it back to its natural look. 

That day is so fun!  And I had a new friend. I never regret it! I’m also glad that we (my family) had a time to bond with each other.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you enjoyed it! Have you ever been in this kind of situation before?  What’s your experience? I’d love to know it in the comments.



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