You’re probably wondering why the title is like that. Don’t worry this isn’t about bad things. Not all dirty hands means dirty deeds. Dirty hands can also be a start of a new life! Like a bloody hand of a doctor who had just help a mom to labor. But this hands of mine was dirty because of soil. I planted some vegetable and herb. Because it is more convenient than to always buy at the market.

This one’s Pechay or cabbage. Pechay is a variety of cabbage.

The day when it sprouted.

Untill it grows up to the length of my thumb 

Then Okra. 

This one take two days to start sprouting.

Then Parsley 

I’m so delighted to see the seeds began to sprout and that they are healthy. I didn’t see any bite or discoloration on their leaves. I have taken care of then since last week.  It’s still growing and we are just waiting for them to be ready for the harvest so that we can add them to some dish. 

My sunflower seeds didn’t continue to grow because the rain had ruin it. Then my rose plant was missing. So sad because I took care of them and It has two buds and the one is starting to bloom. *sigh* I’m gonna plant again soon. 

This new hobby helped me to be more patient and relaxed. It also shows that all good things take time, you just have to work hard while waiting.

Have you also planted something before?  What do you feel when it started to sprout or bloom? 

Sorry for the blurry and too bright photos because I had captured them by the camera on my phone only. And for the weird construction of sentences haha. 

Thank you for reading this post! Go out, get dirty,  have fun and start a new life! 


8 thoughts on “Dirty Hands

    1. I was gonna name it “let’s get dirty” at first but It was weird and I can’t find the right words to make the intro. But it looks like dirty hands worked! Hahaha thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it! 😊❤❤

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