Good day guys! As you all know, our school year is about to start!  Some of you had just finished your school days because of different seasons. I live in the Philippines so, our school days are starting either on June, July or August. Depending on what school but it’s mostly on June. 

My first day will start this June 13! It’s Tuesday because June 12 is our Independence Day and it’s holiday. I’m pretty excited and getting so pumped up so let’s get started! 

These are all optional. Because I tend to use some of the stuff that I already use from the past school year.

 Go on an early shopping and List all of the things that you need.

School Supplies :

  • Notebooks
  • Binder and fillers
  • File case or clear book
  • Ballpens
  • Correction tape or fluid
  • Highlighters
  • Tape
  • Sticky notes 
  • Pad papers (intermediate, 1/2 lengthwise and crosswise, 1/4)
  • Yellow pad
  • Scissor 
  • Pencil/ mechanical pencil 
  • Pencil case
  • Bag
  • Bond papers

Or you can also add anything that you would like to buy like stapler,  puncher anything. Because that list is just composed of what me and my sister need. I want to go on an early shopping because it’s more spacious at the store and I get to pick what I really want without getting out of stock.

Prepare your garments

First, clean your room. Get up and organise your books and the things that you will need for school. Organise your clothes! If you have your uniforms already then put them all on laundry and iron them. Then polish your shoes so that it will be neat and clean and you’ll look so good in them.  

We have a required uniform in our school so…

  • Rubber or Running shoes
  • Blouse
  • Slacks
  • Skirt (during mass) 
  • Straight cut pants 

But if you don’t have a uniform, just prepare what you are going to wear especially on your first day.  My advice for you is to wear something comfy but stylish. It’s perfect to whatever’s gonna happen. 

I also have this habit of having an extra shirt in my bag so that if I ever get rained on or dirtied myself or if an accident happen I’m ready and I’ll stay clean for the rest of the day. Put all your essentials in a toiletry bag. Like alcohol or sanitizer, comb, powder, lip balm etc. It will be easy for you to grab it and you’ll stay organise. 

Clean your room and get things done. If you have your I. D with you just put it or hang it on something that’s eay to reach and easy to grab. So that when the first day and notorious homework come it will be easy for you to get what you need and it won’t be hassle.

Do an advance reading 

If you already know your upcoming subjects just grab a book pertaining to that topic and read. Or if you already have your own books and modules try to understand them. 

This will be really helpful especially on your first day especially when the terror teacher comes. Because I also experienced having a really serious teacher that she burst into the room and her first words are “Ok goodmorning what is pattern? ” with a terrifying and loud voice that we don’t even get the chance to greet back. Fortunately I know the answer even though I didn’t read. Ha! 

Get some sleep

You’ll definitely miss sleeping so while you have time,  sleep and get some rest.  School days specifically Senior years will be a tough one. It’s like the start of something new it feels right to be here… Oops I get hooked on the song. It’s the start of your future.  Well every today is going to define your future but this is really a serious one because it’s a preparation for college!  

I don’t actually understand why we graduate just to attend to school again. Right? Weird.

Keep motivating yourself and always enjoy what you do! 

That’s a wrap for this whole preparation thing. If I miss anything just comment down. I hope that this post can help you as much as it helps me. 

Have a nice day! Ciao! 


11 thoughts on “Back to School Preparation

  1. Yikes! That’s quite a list. Are you getting it all done? Your friends should thank you for your lists and observations. I’m happy to say I’m not in the going-back-to-school mode. At least, not the formal school mode! 🙂 I hope your school year is fabulous.

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  2. Love the post! I’m about to start summer break in 2 weeks after I graduate high school and then in August I’ll be leaving for college! That’s so cool how you guys start at this time and we get out at this time of the year.

    Would love it if you would check out my blog

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