Good day everyone! I wasn’t able to post anything from the past few days because I was playing. Gee.  

On Sunday, I organise the rack beside my bed then I went to check some messages then Rhaina asks for someone to play with. So I dressed up then went straight to the church. They found out that there’s a table for table tennis at the pastoral. So they set it up and we played. We had a tournament and my stat is 3-1. We weren’t able to finish it because our coordinator ordered us to go home because it’s already 7 pm. 

Then I prepared for the next day’s swimming vacation! 

The gathering of all girl sacristan in our parish

We went to a resort near our hometown and we enjoued it so much.  The place is nice and the depth of the pool is enough for us to dive smoothly.

I wasn’t able to capture some happenings because I dive right into the pool when we get there and I am enjoying so much.  I was also catching the small children that had joined in taking the slides. Then Vander and I had a contest but wasn’t able to finish it because there are some children playing on the other side of the pool.  But it was fun!  It was so nice to bond with them!  We also tried the Jacuzzi and it was so relaxing.  

I can’t wait to bond with them again. 
How about you?  Do you have a plan for the remaining free days ? What are your plans for this summer? 

Have a blast!  Ciao! 


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