Hey guys!  I’m really sorry for not being able to interact with everyone. It’s because I have spent almost my entire week with my besties! 

Last Wednesday Jirah,  Rain and I went to trip at the mall and a nearby condominium. We ate lunch at SNR then took pictures and videos at the nearby condominium. We embraced the remaining hours and days left before Rain move to Manila for Senior high.

The wind was crazy

I’m the one on the left.  Haha.  Please bear with the color of my skin. If you have read my other posts you’ll know that I’ve spent too much on swimming vacations. Hahaha.

Jirah. Rain. Me
While taking some photos of Jirah.  She bumped into a brick of the wall and it’s about to come off. It looks like a scene from Harry Potter where Hagrid enters a specific code to Diagon Alley.  It was so hilarious. We recorded it and reenact the scence.

We tried to Vlog

After all the things that we did. Jirah has to go home already. We said our goodbyes to her then Rain came with me and stayed in my house. Her parents allowed her to sleep here for a night. Then the next day I went to Rain’s house and sleep there till Saturday morning. Jirah wasn’t allowed to join because she has to stay with her grandpa.

I have met Rain’s Dad who treated me like I’m one of his colleague. I’m actually afraid and shy at first because it was my first time to meet her Dad.  But everything went alright. We’re cool. He gives me so much food when the dinner comes. I was so shy but it was really nice.

Rain and I were up all night then we heard the news that happened at a Casino in Manila.  We prayed for them.  And we talked about how Wonderful God is.  We are both raising our hands and praising Him. Good thing it’s not some terrorist attack because some are spreading fallacies and speculations but doesn’t have the evidences to support such lies and they’re just making everyone scared and freaked out. So we Thank God for it. Though there’s some who lost their lives due to suffocation.

We always sleep at 5 am. Because we are literally taking up all the time we have. Then next day we went to Tenten, a friend of Rain and I get to bond with them.  Tenten, Tasha, Rain and I spent the night on Dd’s house.  It was so fun! We are supposed to buy pizza but we weren’t allowed to use any motorcycle. Rain’s friends wanted me to stay again for the next day, I also wanted to but I really can’t. They want to hang out more. So we stayed till midnight talk and bond. 

They’re so funny and Nice and I really had a good time with all of them. Then some guy friend of Tasha came to fetch us and accompany us till we got home.  Then Rain and I stayed in their attic and just think about the past and what might happen in the future. Then we also took some photos and videos then we also cover some songs. 

Then Saturday come. It was so sad because it is my last day of staying there. And I will really miss my bestie. I woke up and scroll at my phone. Then Rain woke up and hugged me.  I just ignored her because it was really saddening. I took a bath and get dressed. I had my breakfast and just stayed for a while. Tita is also kind of sad that I was leaving early. She said that there will be a change. But yeah I already need to go home. I said my goodbyes to all of her family members and took a jeepney. I said goodbye to Rain. I waited for a little longer before the way home started. 

Then the sadness is slowly sinking in.  That it might be the last bondng we have had. I am trying so hard not to cry and I hated myself for not hugging Rain before we went on our own ways. Then Rain messaged me while I’m on the bus.  I can’t control my tears anymore. I cried and cried and I was laughing at myself because I look like a kid who got away from home. And some of the passengers who sat beside me are keeping their distance. It was so funny.

I will miss you Rain!  Stay safe and goodluck on the new chapter of your life.  We can all graduate and we will keep on reminding each other that God is with us and that He loves us. Jirah and I loves you and we are always here for you. 

How about you guys?  Have you also experienced this?  What did you do to cope up with this kind of situation?

Let me know on the comments below. Have a nice day! 



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