Hello guys for today I’ll be discussing what I have achieved this summer. I can say that I’m pretty productive on my vacation and here’s the link to my list of what I want to achieve this summer that I have posted before. 

Let’s get started!

Have a vacation 

Take a vacation at a pool resort or at a beach

     Night swimming

      Last minute summer vacation 

  • Finish my drawings

     I still haven’t finish those huhu.  I wasn’t motivated to continue it.  At all. I was like *holds a pencil* *open my sketchbook* *stare for a while* *add a little shade* *stare* *gets hungry then never came back* 

Be productive 

     I still think that I’m productive this summer though I haven’t completely crossed out all the things on my list because there’s so much that happened which aren’t included there.  

Find new music 

     You should really check out Citizen way, Lany,  Lauv, Katelyn Tarvner, Frankie and so much more.  I can’t elaborate it all but they’re really good! Oh,  and if you know the band Against the current you should really go to their concert. They will be on tour and for the Filipinos out there wait for them!  They will be having concert here on September 30 and October 1st.

I have been a fan since they were just covering songs and now they’re on tour!!!  How cool is that!?  And Fun fact: their concert here in the Philippines is FREE!!!!  They’ve really captured my heart ♥.  OMG so if you plan to go there, Go go go!  *insert the tune for young and relentless* haha see ya! 

Make new cover 

     I have made some covers but I lose my courage to upload it and put it on sound cloud. I’m scared soo I’ll just skip uploading and do more covers. Hehe

  •  Read 5 books

     I have finished reading catastrophic history of you and me, the beginning of everything, Karmic hearts and  for one more day. It’s sad I haven’t read the fifth book. But I’m starting I just don’t count it as “read” if I haven’t finished it.  

  • Go to a Haunted house 

     I have actually planned for this and even invited a friend to come with me but we were so afraid that it didn’t happen. Hahaha.  I have to overcome my fears because I don’t want it to be a hindrance for me when I grow up because I know that it really would. Maybe next time haha

  • Go to a zoo

     I also haven’t gotten into a zoo. Never in my entire life that’s why I badly wanted to visit but I haven’t get the chance to go. So if I’ll have a free time because the school is about to start I’ll really grab the opportunity to go on a zoo.  

Things that happened that wasn’t planned :

  • A lot of bonding time with friends and family 
  • Attended a cocktail party (which made me so anxious because it was my first time but it was boring and I don’t want to drink soo yeah) 
  • Meet some stranger that became my friends 
  • Played table tennis again after a very long time
  • Talked to an atheist (but unfortunately my phone went off so the conversation stopped *sigh*)
  • Watch the Shape of voice or silent voice.  (because they say that it’s silent voice but when I watched it the title that’s flashed on the screen is the shape of voice) 
  • Have been so positive. It’s a 75% Positivity over 25% negativity the whole summer. I’m totally proud of myself.
  • Have done some advance reading which is the ICT book.  And still learning Italian language.
  • Completely quit my addiction to games (this one’s really hard but now that I have God, goodbye games. I’m proud that I never hesitated to say no when my friends invited me to play) 

Thank you all so much! My followers are growing and that’s really awesome! Having a lot of followers was never in my goals but I really appreciate you guys. You’re really nice!  

I’ll make sure to still post now that the school days are approaching fast. I’ll be busy because I will be a good student now just to try being a good one HAHA just kidding. I’ll  really study hard so I’m really sorry if I will not be able to post everyday. But I’ll really find time to keep interacting with beautiful people like you!  

Have a wonderful day!  Ciao! 


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