What’s up guys!? I’ll be straight and honest. I might not be able to post for the upcoming weeks because our school days will start.  I’ll be busy and I want to make sure that I am improving in terms of schooling schedule and time management. Because I want to make a change starting from myself.  This Senior year might be the only thing that I will ever take seriously. 

The only time that I have is within weekends so I might be posting during Saturdays and Sundays. So just wait for my next posts.  

I had just got my books and Uniform!!! Yay!  I already washed my clothes and covered my books so that it won’t get wet and dirty of ever there’s an incident. 

I’m currently reading my book and researching for new terms and informations so that I will understand whatever our future Teacher might say. Geee. I have never imagined that I am really preparing seriously and studying for school. But it was fun!  

I already have my school supplies and I already organized my bag and all the things that I’ll need for school. I think I’m ready. 😁

Thank you guys for keeping up. I’ll make sure to make time to edit and post. So See you in my next post!



16 thoughts on “Attention! 

  1. Oh wow you sure are ready for school! That’s really admirable! And here I am, being a bum and still lying in bed 75% of the day 😅
    Good luck with the new school year! I’m sure you’ll do great 💪

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree with you. For the past few days begore i got my stuff for school I was really just lying in bed and scrolling on my phone. I only get up to eat or do my hygienic routine. Hahaha. Luckily I now have something to do. Again thank you. You’ll surely gonna have something to have fun with. Like Dancing!

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