Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat! (Good day everyone!) Today we are celebrating our Independence! 

June 12 is the official date for us Filipinos to celebrate our Independence because it’s the date (June 12 1898) where our flag has been raised at Kawit, Cavite. Or basically the declaration of the Philippine Independence.

So for the celebration and for being a proud Pinay, I am going to show you the things that I love here in the Philippines and our culture. And because I am so happy I wanna give you all a hug…

First, why is our country named Philippines? It is called The Philippines when King Philip II of Spain have his expedition and his people here to rule us. Our country’s name changes because it was once Republic of the Philippines, The Philippine Islands, etc. 

Now that you know the history of our country’s name. I will now introduce you to the Philippine culture. 


  Some of you might know this. But for the ones who don’t this is called Bayanihan (Unity or cooperation), where Filipinos are gathered to help the owner of the house to move or transfer their house to another place. It is rarely seen nowadays but I think it’s still happening in high places here. Bayanihan is not all about that. Bayanihan also means helping your fellowmen in every way you can. 

 Watch this: 8 Days in The Philippines in 8 minutes 

  • We are also known for our hospitality. It’s a typical thing for us to help others. 
  • We respect elders by doing the mano or having the elder’s hand tapped on your forhead like a blessing.  Or kissing the back of their hand.
  •  We always sa po at opo in between phrases of our sentences as a sign of respect. (ex. Ma,  saan ka po pupunta?  *Mom,  where are you going?*) 
  • We always smile.  You should try it.  If you’re gonna visit here try to smile at a stranger most likely they will smile back. We are always happy.  We’re crazy because when there’s a problem we tend to make fun of it and laugh off of it.  But we do take things seriously it’s just that nothing’s gonna be alright If you’re full of anger and negativity. Don’t push yourself to hard just be patient and calm because you’ll get through whatever it is.
  • The food. OMG. Everything is so delicious. It’s savory and flavorful.  We have so many spices here. And tou should really give then a try. 
  • We are rich.  In terms of love and Friendship. 
  • Philippines is an archipelago which means that we are surrounded by water forms. We are also included in the Pacific ring of fire which means that we have a lot of active volcanoes. The Philippines have 7641 islands but is constantly changing when there’s high tide or low tide. And when plates converge or diverge there might be a birth of a new island. 
Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Hundred Islands, Pangasinan
Mayon Volcano, Bicol
Taal Volcano, Batangas
Banaue Rice Terreces, Ifugao
  • Most of the Filipinos are good at singing. Every one sings of course. But if you have heard the talent of Filipinos you’ll probably get amazed. I actually laughed when I was watching a YouTube video of an asian guy who is singing I don’t know if he’s Japanese or korean.  He’s voice is so angelic and good that someone actually commented “singing level:Filipino”. It’s hilarious. Some of the stars in the Hollywood and artists are half Filipino or has a Filipino blood. Such as Bruno Mars and Hailee Steinfield.
  • We have a brilliant humor. You can be the one to judge *winks*
  • If we are not in the Philippines you can’t distinguish us just by looking. Because we might look like a Chinese, Japanese, korean,  American, Indonesian, Singaporean, indian,  etc.  Because we are once ruled and invaded by the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese and Chinese. We are like hybrids. But there’s still some who are pure Filipinos. Our natives which are Badjao,  Mangyan,  Igorot, Negritos and the like.
  • The festival. We have a lot. It’s like every moth we are celebrating and giving back all of the blessings we have received. If there’s a fiesta in a town or Barangay. Expect it to be massive.  You are also gonna see some people who you actually didn’t know but you are still welcoming them to your house and feed them and celebrate with them. There are so many things that I love being a Filipino and living here. It will take me like whole week to explain it all so you can just search or explore the Philippines by yourselves. But I wanna share with you our watawat or Bandila (Flag). 

Beautiful isn’t it?  Please always remember that Blue is always and will always be above Red.  Don’t ever inverse it because Red over the Blue means we are on war.  We don’t want that and no one wants that.  We are experiencing really horrible things now due to terrorism.  But we are fighting and spreading the love to prevent such terrifying and horrible situations. Pray for us. Mahal ko kayong lahat at pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon (I love you all and God Bless you) 

Maraming Salamat po. Sana ay may natutunan kayo at nasiyahan kayo sa konting impormasiyon na aking ibinahagi.  (Thank you so much.  I hope that you have learned something and that you enjoyed the little information about the Philippines that I have shared.) 

If you wanted to learn more about the Filipinos you can go on our Department of Tourism site.  Or if you wanna have some fun while learning. Check out Mikey Bustos’ YouTube channel. (This is not a plug or endorsement)

Paalam!  (Bye 👋)  Hanggang sa muli (See ya on my next post!) 


10 thoughts on “Philippine Independence Day 

  1. Thank you Andy, this was a blessing to read. My son has been to the Phillipines(and is going back) He said it was the best place in the whole world. The nicest people, great food, everything is beautiful. He was there for a month, this time he wants to stay for several months, so he is working hard to save up money. God bless you and thank you for sharing your home 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved Mikey Bustos’s videos! I love how you enumerated all the good things we have. What never fails to amaze me is how resilient we are when it comes to calamities. That we always find something to smile amidst adversaries. 😊 Happy Independence Day, Andy! Hope you had an awesome day! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love him too! Hahaha I agree with you. I consider that kind of personality a treasure for us Filipinos to be really proud of. We’re always happy. Happy Independence to you too! Thank you 😊😁❤

      Liked by 1 person

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