What’s up guys!?  Today is our first day!!!  Yay! 

I am not going to be able to show some pictures because we aren’t allowed to have our phones inside the school premises. 

This is also a collaboration with the jolly, sweet, thoughtful, cute as a button Jirah Merizz!. We are classmates!!  I’m so glad.  I wouldn’t know what to do if she isn’t my classmate. Btw, We forgot to do a collaboration last week and we are really sorry for that. Let’s cut the chase and get started! 

I woke up at 4 o’ clock in the morning and I have slept for only two hours.  Two freaking hours! My eyes were aching but I really need to get up and get ready.  So I cooked rice then waited for my mom to go home. Because she went to the market to buy some food.  

I took a bath while waiting and I’m really nervous. I already fixed myself and my things by 5:30. So i just recheck all the thngs that I will bring.  Then I bless to my mom and headed to school. 

When I got there I was all alone and I just walk to the gym and fortunately, I saw my former classmates. We talked about how anxious we are and pretty scared to what’s gonna happen next.

After the assembly we went to our designated rooms and sections then the homeroom started.  We introduce ourselves and when my turn comes I stood up then my seatmate laughed I don’t know why.  I got pissed that I have raised an eyebrow at him.  Gee.  It’s my first day here and I already have done something that I shouldn’t do.  I’m such a mess.  But at least He stopped.

Then we had a mass.  Then they welcome us.  At first I never felt that I was welcome in that school but when the priest talked I felt relieved and I actually feel that I’m welcome to the school. Then we had our lunch. After that Jirah and I went back to our room but it isn’t time yet for us to go back so we searched for a bench or just something we can sat upon.  We were so drowsy so we took a nap at a gazebo.  I’m so thankful for pur guyfriends because they accompanied us because we are sleeping.  Then they woke us up just right in time. Yay!! 

Then the homeroom started again and we just talked about why we chose our chosen strand and the rules and regulations inside the room. 

 Then our adviser assigned the cleaners for every day in this week.  Because here in the Philippines every student in any school are cleaning their own room. I don’t know why but I have read that in some countries the students are not cleaning their own room because they have janitors.  But yeah it was still fun.

The guy that laughed at me when I introduced is now my friend. He was just really full of energy. He is so noisy and he didn’t consider my eyebrows raised thing as a big deal.  He was actually the one who approached me and talked to me.  And there’s a guy who wants to sit beside me and he said that my hair is looking good. But literally it was a mess.  It looked like I haven’t brushed my hair the whole day and it’s really not looking good.  But it’s still nice of him to say that. HAHA

I hope that tomorrow we will not be as shy as today.  And that we get to know each other more. 

Please do check out Jirah’s insights on our fist day here.

Thank you all for the good lucks and all.  It was a good start and hope that it’ll continue till we graduate. Keep on being positive!  



18 thoughts on “My First Day on Senior high!! 

  1. You and Jirah both woke up early! Although sounds liked yours wasn’t by choice XD
    Your first day sounds like a good start! It’s good that some possible friends have started talking and approaching you 🙂
    I always found that step the hardest in a new year, and a new class. It’s good you have Jirah alongside you 😀

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    1. Hahaha I feel like I’m gonna get sick because of the anxiousness of what’s gonna happen. And it’s too early to wake up at that time. Gee. Hahaha. I’m shy and kind of embarrassed but it’s really overwhelming that they talked to me. 😀 I don’t really know what to do if Jirah isn’t my classmate. But Thank God, we’re classmates. ✋❤ Thank you for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just entered senior high school last year. I was also very nervous when I first met my new friends. I just have to be confident and hope to be happy all day at new school. In my school(🇮🇩),students are also required to clean up their own classrooms. I hope you’re enjoy with your shs life! ❤

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