Hi guys!  Good day to all.  How are you?  Hope you’re having the best days of your life thab just reading this post (but still, thank you for reading this) hahaha go out and do things!  Because I can’t go out and do some activities that I want.  School is hard or maybe just because I’m still adjusting to the changes that’s happening… Let’s start. 


Your first week will be fun! 


10 items for your assignment in 1 subject. 

No recitation = No Quiz

Someone will talk to you and will eventually become your friend 


Someone will talk to you and ask things about yourself then after answering they will say bye

You’ll have time with your former friends and classmates


You only see each other when going home 

You’re perfectly fine as long as your best friend or one of your friends is your classmate 


You’ll both feel lonely 

The food is delicious and clean


The food is delicious and clean BUT EXPENSIVE 

That’s all for now.  I’m really sorry for this short post ’cause I’m not feeling well yesterday and I thought that I’ll be ok by now but I got worse. I’m still adjusting to the new environment in my new school because last year Me and my friends still have time to bond but now we are always heading straight to home after class. Academically I’m fine. I’m just not that used to people and the new routine. Hope that I’ll be fine soon! 

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to post a new one tomorrow. I’m sorry if I am not able to interact with you guys and read your posts. I really need some rest. I promise I will catch up! 

God bless you all and Ciao!  


13 thoughts on “First week on shs! |Expectations vs Reality

  1. Haha .. 😂 all yours happened to me. BUT, someday you’ll feel great closeness with your classmates. And you’ll discover new things you’ve never done before (I hope this will be REALITY) 😂

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