Hi guys!  This is my first time to post two times in a week after a very long time and I’m so pumped up!!  

The exams had just finished and I’m really sad about my results especially in Gen.  Math, though I have put an effort, sometimes there’s just something’s that we can’t get right. 😂😂 kidding. Let’s move on from that (if I can’t, I’ll post something about my studies separately) because our next exam will be up too soon.  We’ll be having our second exam on Friday!  😐 NEXT FREAKING FRIDAY.

But anyways, we are going to have our acquaintance party tomorrow!!!  

Earlier someone gave us some colored piece of papers that we’ll be using for tomorrow’s party.  I think that it resembles the Brazilian tradition where they have a set of ribbon with different colors that has a meaning and they will give them to someone who they want to say sorry or i love you or that you are grateful for them. I have always love the concept of that because it brings people together.

Then Rain and I are going to meet again!  I’m so excited to see her again!  We haven’t seen each other for like 2-3 months I think. But I really miss her!  Even though I’m with Ji at school, I still feel incomplete whenever we eat at canteen or go to the comfort room. Because I’m not that used to hanging out with only the two of us. I’m so excited that I have already packed up my things. 😂😂 

Have you also felt this? Missing your best friend and the things that you usually do?  

Please let me know in the comments below because I do really miss interacting with you. Sorry for this short post.  I’m planning to post again on Sunday!  So watch out for that.  

Thank you so much and God loves you ❤



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