Guess who’s back!? Hi guys! I miss you so much. How have you been?

Our class got suspended earlier because of a Typhoon and I grab the opportunity to post something and here it is. It was a bit late yes, because I slept after I got home for my head keeps on aching and Ji have suggested that it might be migraine so I slept just to take a rest from everything. But anyways, let’s start!

Disclaimer: the time stated aren’t that accurate but it’s around that time. And sometimes I get late Haha


I wake up at 5:00 then I always try to at least stretch my waist and arms. Just to warm my muscles up a bit.

If there’s food already I’ll eat but if there’s none, I always buy bread and cook eggs. Then also cook something for our packed lunch.

I’ll take a bath at 5:20 and also get dressed.

5:50 – I’ll fix my things then brush my teeth.

5:55 – I’ll check my phone for notifications and messages and reply to the urgent ones. Then I make sure to take a vital medicine which is a bottle with bible verses and I’ll just pick 1 everyday then put it back. It keeps me reminded and also motivated to be positive and have a good perspective in life.

6:05 – 6:10 I’ll ride a bus to go to school. But sometimes our town’s bus station isn’t letting their buses have a trip and I was getting anxious because I don’t want to be late and have an admission slip again, so I’ll just ride a jeepney to the next bus stop and wait for the buses there.

At School

6:50 am After the guard inspected my bag, I usually go to the bookstore to meet my classmates and friends. We are mostly reviewing our answers from our home works and also studying for the exams.

7:10 Everyone stops and put their right hand to their left chest for the National anthem. Except during Mondays because we have our assembly at the gym.

7:20 we should all be inside our classrooms

7:30 – 11:30 we’ll have our classes

11:30 – 12:20 lunch. Ji and I usually eat at the college canteen but sometimes we eat at the junior’s canteen and bond with our friends.

12:20 we are expected to be inside our classrooms.

12:30 – 4:00 afternoon class.

4:10 It’s either We would buy food at the canteen before going home or I’ll go straight home.

Because sometimes I’m not in the mood to entertain other people so I’ll just go home though I’m still not that used to going straight back home after class. It feels weird for me. Have you also felt it before? Because I feel like there’s something missing whenever I say goodbye right after the class.

Then when I got home for around 4:45 – 5:00 pm, I’d check my phone again and then procrastinate until I got lazy of procrastinating HAHAHA then I’ll do my assignments. Then eat dinner. I’m sad when I have realised that when my senior year started, I haven’t interacted with my family as much as before. That’s why I always make sure to talk to them even though it’ll be a nonsense conversation.

After I finish all the agendas I’ll be fixing myself to get ready for bed. Then I’ll search for another motivation for the next day. Because who doesn’t need those? And if not me, who will? right? Then I’ll read some bible verse to keep me reminded then I will sleep.

That’s it for my school day routine and yes I think I have already adjusted to the new environment and people. I am nervous about my status in school because I have broken some rules and I also suck at some lessons especially at math. I hope that I’ll do better and that I’ll not get kicked out. Because I was actually happy about my offenses HAHA I’m sorry.

Thank you for reading my quirks again and hope you had a good day! Have a blast fellas!



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