On 27th of October, I was so down, stressed and confused of everything that is going on. I was so anxious, that I haven’t even get the chance to talk well and bond with my friends and classmates. I was also confused if I’m still going to attend the youth camp because there’s also an event in the school both are scheduled the next day, 28th of October. Nothing motivates me to do so but something made me attend the said camp. The next day, I haven’t slept well so I just used my time to pack my things and also pass my requirements through email in one of our subjects. My mind’s to full to think straight but God calmed me and talked to me:Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.mathew 11-28 (1)

I’m happy that attended that camp. ‘Cause being there felt like home because they immediately approached entertain us while waiting for the other to come. The camp started and I was like “they said it’ll be fun” HAHAHAH because I have cried almost the entire time. But honestly the whole thing is lovely and calming. It made me let go of everything. One of the things that hits me is what Kuya Eman said “Si God yung tumutugtog sa puso ko para magpatuloy pa ako.”

Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.mathew 11-28 (2)

I was overwhelmed because I really felt that everyone in that room is God trying to talk to me. Our batch has the most number of attendees and it was a bliss. I have met a lot of new faces and they’re my friends now. I also met Kristal who is also my schoolmate. The camp continues and I have realised everything. I have opened up to someone ’bout what’s bugging my mind and finally I’m all well. I was so proud of taking all things at hand that I cramped and that’s when I realise that God wants me to have some rest.

Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.mathew 11-28

It was amazing because I did not come to Him just like when I came to this world, because from the very first moment He was already holding me and unlike at “The voice” where you have to do good for the judges to turn, He was already facing you and saying I want you no matter what you’ll gonna present because for me you are a Gift. And just like what everybody in that camp said “What you did does not define you. And you are NOT a compilation of all evil and wrong doings but YOU ARE the compilation of God’s Love and greatness”

After that camp. My mind went clear and I knew that God renewed me. I am now passionate about serving and finally after a long journey, I’m a part of the community of Couples for Christ – Youth for family and Life (CFC-YFL). I’m much more willing to serve and live for God as long as I’m still here. It is a community worldwide and you should really give it a try. This might be the shot you’re waiting for. And as the backdrop goes My God, OUR God is Unshakeable.



I’ll also be taking this opportunity for someone who doesn’t feel well. Life’s beautiful, so if you needed help, we are here for you here’s my email if you needed someone to talk to. Or just let this be a reminder that God is always there for us and we just need to listen. I hope that this helped you also and God bless you! Ciao!


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