A blessed day to all of you!

I want to share some of the music that gets me hyped up. Most of them are old but whenever I listen to it I just can’t help but dance to these songs! (even though I’m not a good dancer)


Becky G’s Break a Sweat just really gets me in the mood to sing and perform like I’m an artist HAHA. Its lyrics kinda talk about something but hey it got a really good fast tempo and a really groovy beat.


Little Mix’s Hair is really awesome. It got swag and I love tha part when the music stop then back again. It makes me wanna party dance then a kind of a slow dance after. Does that makes sense? HAHA But it just really pleases my ears.


Who doesn’t know this? I bet most of us have danced to this. Ed Sheeran’s Barcelona makes us all dance. I remember when I first played this on our room my sisters and I just lose it. We were dancing and singing. HAHA It was fun.

maxresdefault (2)

This is one of my favourite songs right now! It just sums up everything. When I first listened to it I’m like sitting here just nodding to its lyrics and meaning like yeah. (Except the part of having boyfriend) The feeling matches though. HAHA I really like the beat and the cute *ting! part. You should really listen to this.


Who doesn’t like Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA? I mean, yes it was old but you gotta admit it. It became one of your favourites too. Nostalgic right? This song is lightweight and sound so crazy, everybody seems so famous… Oops I got carried away. HAHA


This is an Original Pilipino Music (OPM). It’s not an upbeat song but it makes my heart dance. It was an old OPM song that was sung on the youth camp that I’ve attended. It wasn’t intended to sound like Jesus talking to me but it kinda does. This one makes me calm but makes my heart rejoice. Some of the lyrics there were “Sabihin sakin lahat ng lihim mo, iingatan ko. Ibaling sakin lahat ng problema mo, kakayanin ko.” which means tell me all your secrets and I’ll keep it. Give me all of your problems, I’ll handle them. It was a reaally good song.


That’s it guys! I know you can relate to some of it. I’m sure some of you will not help but listen again to this songs! That’s what I intend to happen *winks. Let’s party like crazy! So, what are the songs that can make you dance like you can’t stop the feeling? see what I did there? HAHA let me know in the comments below.

Have a positive and groovy day ahead! Ciao!


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