It’s December 15! Hi guys! I missed you a lot. I hope that you’re all doing fine and feeling festive as I am. Christmas day is getting nearer each day!

Here in the Philippines when September 1 comes or what we call “ber-months”, people are already gathering and begin to get excited about Christmas. The breeze is getting colder, the nights are longer and the lights are brighter. Most of us will already set up our Christmas tree, lights and different decorations.

One of the things that I love about this is that kids and youths were always singing christmas carols.


They are usually using an empty milk can for the drums and a tambourine made out of tanzan. I have also experienced making one when I was younger.


AHHH! I missed going out until 8 o’clock pm and I missed singing to families christmas songs even though our voice are not that good. I remember one time when we got so afraid of the dog because it was so angry at us for we’re strangers so we just run off. HAHA

Another thing is the Parols. Some are made simple and small. But it’s size ranges to the grandest. A sparkling star with various colors. They are usually hanged and it symbolizes the Christmas Star as well as the colorful life and the glorious blessings that we have received. Sometimes there are competitions for the most beautiful parol.

Some are even made out of seashells!

(C) 2003 Gateway,Inc.
(C) 2003 Gateway,Inc.

The next best thing about Philippine christmas is the Food and delicacies!

Who doesn’t like Lechon? It is one of the center dishes at Christmas together along with the Christmas Ham or Smoked Ham. But elders especially those with High blood pressure should really avoid this (but it’s very hard not to eat lechon).



The most prominent delicacy during advent and Christmas is the Bibingka and Puto-Bumbong. They are made out of glutinous rice and is commonly paired with a salted duck egg or cheese (for the bibingka) and shredded coconut meat and sugar (for the Puto-bumbong).


Other than delicacies, dessert is the most awaited of all. Leche flan is one of my favourites.


And who forgets and does not like fruit salad? especially buko-pandan Salad. it is really a must-serve dessert during christmas.

I also love how TV networks make station IDs whenever there’s an occasion. One of my favourites is Bro, Ikaw ang star ng Pasko, Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino and Thank you for the Love by ABS-CBN.

One of our traditions is a complete attendance to Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo.

It usually starts at 4:30 in the morning of December 16  but there’s also an anticipated mass just like tonight we had our anticipated mass for the Simbang gabi which is also the start of the advent or the preparation for the coming of Christ.  We are doing this to prepare spiritually for His coming. The elders said that if we completed the attendance, we’ll get a chance to have one wish for Christmas. When I was young, well I admit until now, I still believe that if I completed it I will receive what I have wished for. But now I think and believe that the gift that I will always receive is Jesus. he is the best gift that I have received and there’s nothing that can/will be greater than Him.

And at the mass on December 24, there is always a reenactment or dramatization of the search for Bethlehem by Mary and Joseph before the Birth of Christ. This really gives me chills everytime.


And every home in the Philippines and sometimes every town here has a display of the Christmas belen which is the scene after Christ is born.



The last thing that I love is the feeling I get whenever my family and the whole world counts down ’till 12 o’clock ticked. We are always shouting in gratefulness whenever the December 24 ends. There are a lot more things that I love about how Filipinos celebrate Christmas. But I think these are the ones that I really love.

How about you? What are the things that you love about how you celebrate Christmas? Do you also have traditions on Christmas day? Let me know in the comments below! I’d be glad to know about your Christmas.

P.S. WordPress notified me and It’s my 1st anniversary here at the blogosphere! Yay!

Thank you! God bless you and God loves you. See ya!



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