Good day guys! It’s New Year’s Eve! I’m really excited. My family and I will be celebrating at my aunt’s house. But before that here’s some update of what happened to me when I wasn’t around.

  1. I was busy at the Church

We had practiced a lot to serve at the mass before Christmas (misa de gallo) perfectly. I got assigned to use candle to serve on the town that was next to ours. It was not that far but I have to get back before the mass on my town because I was also assigned to serve here. We were serving smoothly but when it’s already quarter to 7, we got nervous. Our coordinator said that we should gather after the consecration and the prayer of Our Father for us to head to our town. 6 of us rode 1 Tricycle. I’m sitting at the floor, thankfully I didn’t fall off. We got to our church by exactly 7 o’ clock (PM). But we had to clean the candles and prepare all the needed garments for the grand mass. We had one problem because the coal for the incense wasn’t burnt. Luckily Father was not yet around and we got all the garments ready in time. BTW. Belated Merry Christmas!

2. I was searching for a school for college.

Yes, I’m only grade 11. But I really need to have a second choice because I might not pass the UPCAT or the entrance examination for my chosen university. And I still don’t know what course I will choose so yeah, I’ve been searching a lot. I’m thinking of choosing BA Film. But I’m still not that sure.

3. I don’t have phone and Camera

My phone is not working I don’t know why and my camera is working but it’s memory card got corrupted. I was suppose to post something but when I use my camera and plugged it in my computer it doesn’t work. Really sorry about that.

4. We’ve been going out a lot

My family is the craziest. My Father has been teaching my older sisters to know how to drive. I went out with them and Ate Mina (oldest) accidentally drove pass over a grave. Gee. We’re really sorry to whoever that was. Then my father is always taking us out to eat at the restaurant or fast food. On 29th of December we went to the hospital to get our schedule for our check up. My sister has a wound and it hasn’t been doing good and her weight is going up so we are checking her in to know if she has diabetes or what. Hopefully the results would be good. And for me, I am always low blood. I’m not anemic and I don’t have problems with my breathing and my heart and I’m also athletic so I don’t really know what’s happening. We are asked to fast this New Year  like how? why? it’s like a torture but I gotta have a healthy life so.

5. I’ve been critiquing a friend’s vlog

She was out of town for this Christmas and she asked me to check out her vlog. She was currently editing but she showed me a sneak peek and her intro. It was good actually.

6. I’ve been practicing.

Practice for the sportsfest on 22nd of January. I know it’s still far but I need to practice myself because I haven’t played for like 1 and a half year and the sportsfest is having the whole week. I am actually nervous because this will be my first time to play at my school this year. And I kinda wanted to be part of the varsity team so I gotta be good.


That’s it all guys. So what are you up to? Thank you so much for everything. I’ll be back soon. Hope you had a blessed Year!



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