A Picture Poem|collaboration with Jirah Merizz

Hi guys!! We are back for another collab! I really miss you all. Exams are over, hell week is done, just keeping my hopes up that the results will be good. So, for this collaboration Jirah and I decided to send each other a random pic and make a poem out of it. Let us... Continue Reading →


Artworks of mine 

As I am cleaning my room because it was really a mess,  I saw some of my works. Here are some of them: This one is a cellphone box which I wrapped in a patterned paper. I remember that I cut the cap because it was too long.  I made it for storage for my... Continue Reading →

Music unheard 

So,  i was watching some YouTube videos when I came home from the church then I remembered my old notebook with some random things that i wrote. So I decided to share one poem that I wrote. Here you go!...   I'm putting a tone to the poem i wrote I can't seem to find... Continue Reading →

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