The Perfect Day

Hi guys! It's been a long time since I have posted a content but here I am now and I really miss you all!!! A few months ago, my lovely friend Jen asked me what'd be a perfect day for me and I answered "I'm together with my family and friend's family happily eating and... Continue Reading →


My Daily routine|School days

Guess who's back!? Hi guys! I miss you so much. How have you been? Our class got suspended earlier because of a Typhoon and I grab the opportunity to post something and here it is. It was a bit late yes, because I slept after I got home for my head keeps on aching and... Continue Reading →


And I'm back!!!  Do you miss me guys?  Well,  I Miss you so so so much! I'm really sorry for not being able to post and write. I am studying for the first time in my life!  Seriously studying. I am so glad that I am now a good girl 😊 Can you guess what... Continue Reading →

My First Day on Senior high!! 

What's up guys!?  Today is our first day!!!  Yay!  I am not going to be able to show some pictures because we aren't allowed to have our phones inside the school premises.  This is also a collaboration with the jolly, sweet, thoughtful, cute as a button Jirah Merizz!. We are classmates!!  I'm so glad.  I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Philippine Independence Day 

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat! (Good day everyone!) Today we are celebrating our Independence!  June 12 is the official date for us Filipinos to celebrate our Independence because it's the date (June 12 1898) where our flag has been raised at Kawit, Cavite. Or basically the declaration of the Philippine Independence. So for the... Continue Reading →


What's up guys!? I'll be straight and honest. I might not be able to post for the upcoming weeks because our school days will start.  I'll be busy and I want to make sure that I am improving in terms of schooling schedule and time management. Because I want to make a change starting from... Continue Reading →

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